Niger - List of Foundation Dates

1940  Amicale (Niamey)             [dissolved 1964]
1947  Renaissance Elmina
1964  Olympic FC (Niamey)          [founded as Secteur 6]     
1974  Espoir (Zinder)              [founded as Flèche Noire FC]
      Sahel SC (Niamey)
      AS de la Garde Nationale Nigérienne (ASGNN) (Niamey) 
        [founded as AS des Forces Nationales d'Intervention et Sécurité (Niamey) (AS FNIS)]
1982  Jangorzo FC (Maradi)
1983  Nassari Alkali Club (Zinder) [on Jul 1; founded as Centre Major de Zinder]
1984  Akokana FC (Arlit)
1992  Lantarki FC (Agadez)
1993  JS Ténéré (Niamey)
      AS Police (Niamey)       
1994  Kandadji Sport FC (Niamey)
1996  US Gendarmerie Nationale (USGN) (Tillabéry)
2000  AS Douanes (Niamey)          [played 2000-04 in Tillabéry] 
      Etoile Rouge FC (Niamey)
2005  ASN NIGELEC (Niamey)
2007  Garbados FC (Zinder)
      Liptako FC (Niamey)  
2008  Dan Kassawa FC (Maradi)
2014  AS SONIDEP (Niamey)          [Société Nigérienne des produits pétroliers]

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