Northern Marianas - List of Women Champions

2006    Marianas Eye-yeye-yeye               [spring league]
2006    Fieste Resort and Spa Femme Fatales  [fall league]        
2007    Fiesta Resort and Spa Femme Fatales
2007/08 Cleats-Wild Bill's Whiteflowers      [fall league]           
        PIC's Paradise in Cleats             [spring league]
2008/09   not known
2009    Matansa FC
2010    Matansa FC                           [spring league]
2011      not known  
2012    Shirley's FC
2013      not known
2014    Kanoa FC 
2015    Shirley's FC 
2016    Paire FC                             [fall league] 
2017    Kanoa FC 2                           [fall league (indoor)] 
2018    Kanoa FC 1                           [spring league] 
2019    Kanoa FC                             [spring league] 
        Kanoa FC                             [fall league] 
2020      abandoned                          [spring league] 
2021    Shirley's FC                         [spring league] 
        Southern United                      [summer league] 
2022    Kanoa FC                             [spring league] 
        Shirley's FC                         [fall league] 

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