Northern Marianas - Foundation Dates of Clubs

2005     Inter Godfather's (Garapan)        [founded as Inter Saipan FC; merged 2016 with Paire FC to Paire/Inter Godfather's]
         Teen Ayuyus (Garapan)
2007     Matansa FC (San Roque)   
2008     Paire FC                           [merged 2016 with Inter Godfather's to Paire/Inter Godfather's]       
         MP United                          [on Jan 1]
         Tan Holdings FC (Tanapag)
2010     Shirley's FC                       [on Jun 1]
2013     Tinian Premier FC
2016     Paire/Inter Godfather’s            [merger of Paire FC and Inter Godfather's (Garapan)]
2018     Fiesta SC Rockers

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