Associazione Calcio Novara - Short Historical Overview 1908-1961

Associazione Calcio Novara
City: Novara, Italy
Stadium: Silvio Piola. 8810 seats.
Colours: light-blue shirt with City's Badge on chest (a white cross on a red
         field), left side/white/light-blue

Current position:  Italian Championship C1 Group A 2003-2004.

1908 December, 22th. Birth of FAS (Football Association Studenti) Novara.
     Before 1908 several Gymnastics teams plated football in Novara: SocietÓ
     Ginnastica e Scherma (red shirt), Forza e Speranza (white shirt), Pro 
     Scalon and Voluntas (light blue shirt). The boy of Voluntas, a catholic
     sport association, promoted the foundation of FAS Novara.

1911 The Club gradually became FBC Novara.

1912 Official enrolling of FBC Novara and Began the first official

1912-13 I Categoria FIF - Northern Italy - Preliminary Group Piemonte. FBC
        Novara 5th with 4 pts.

1913-14 I Categoria FIF - Northern Italy - Preliminary Group Piemonte -
        Lombardia, 5th with 19 pts.

1914-15 I Categoria FIF - Northern Italy - Preliminary Group C: third with
        12 pts. Qualified. Northern Italy - Semifinals Group B: third with 4 pts.

1916-19 War stop

1919-20 I Categoria FIF - Northern Italy - Preliminary Group B Piemonte:
        third with 11 pts. Qualified. Northern Italy - Semifinals Group C:
        second with 13 pts.

1920 FBC Novara merged with US Novarese (1917) into (Foot Ball Association)
     FBA Novara (same colours of former FBC).
1920-21 I Categoria FIF - Northern Italy - Preliminary Group A Piemonte:
        winner with 16 pts. the same points as FBC Torino. Won the formal 
        playoff with Torino (both admitted). Northern Italy - Semifinals 
        Group A: third with 5 pts.

1921-22 I Categoria CCI - Northern Italy - Preliminary Group A: second with
        32 pts.

1922-23 I Division FIGC - North League Preliminary Group C: 5th with 26 pts.

1923-24 I Division FIGC - North League Preliminary Group A: 11th with 12 pts.
        Playoffs Vs. winners of II Division teams (to avoid relegation):
        second with 8 pts. Not relegated.

1924-25 I Division FIGC - North League Preliminary Group B: 7th with 22 pts.

1925-26 Divisione Nazionale - Preliminary Group A: 9th with 18 pts. Playoff's
        Round to be admitted to Divisione Nazionale: 
        in Milano 29/8/1926 FBA Novara - FC Parma 4-0; 
        5/9/1926 in Milano FBA Novara - Sp. Mantova 4-3 aet;
        12/9/1926 in Casale Monferrato US Alessandria - FBA Novara 2-2 aet; 
        Decisive Match - 23/9/1926 in Torino US Alessandria - FBA Novara 3-1.
        Novara relegated to I Division (second level).

1926-27 I Division Group A: winner with 30 pts. I Division Final Group: FBA
        Novara winner with 8 pts. Promoted to Divisione Nazionale.

1927-28 Divisione Nazionale - Preliminary Group B: 6th with 21 pts.

1928-29 Divisione Nazionale - Preliminary Group A: 10th with 23 pts.
        Admitted to the new Serie B Championship.

1929-30 Serie B 9th with 36 pts.

1930-31 Serie B 8th with 38 pts. (1 pt. penalty)

1931 September, 20th. Opened new Stadium Littorio in via Algarotti. After
     2nd World War renamed "Comunale" was utilized until 1976. The Club renamed
     in Associazione Calcio (AC) Novara.

1931-32 Serie B 14th with 30 pts.

1932-33 Serie B 5th with 35 pts.

1933-34 Serie B Group A 4th with 28 pts.

1934-35 Serie B Group A second with 39 pts.

1935-36 Serie B winner with 48 pts. same points as Libertas Lucchese (both
        promoted to Serie A).

1936-37 Serie A 15th with 21 pts. Relegated

1937-38 Serie B winner with 43 pts. same points as Modena (both promoted to
        Serie A) and Alessandria. Playoffs: in Torino / Novara - Alessandria 3-2.

1938-39 Serie A 12th with 26 pts.

1939-40 Serie A 9th with 27 pts.

1940-41 Serie A 14th with 27 pts. same points as SS Lazio. Relegated for the
        worst GD.

1941-42 Serie B 8th with 36 pts.

1942-43 Serie B 16th with 25 pts.

1943-44 Alta-Italia (mixed) Tournament - War Championship 1944 Preliminary
        Group Piemonte - Liguria: AC Novara 6th with 17 pts.

1944-45 No matches. Wartime stop.

1945-46 Championship Alta Italia (Mixed Serie B-C) Group A:  5th with 24 pts.

1946-47 Serie B Group A: third with 48 pts.

1947-48 Serie B Group A: winner with 46 pts. Promoted. Legendary National
        Team's forward Silvio Piola reached the "blues" of AC Novara.

1948-49 Serie A 15th with 31 pts.

1949-50 Serie A 17th with 31 pts.

1950-51 Serie A 12th with 33 pts.

1951-52 Serie A 8th with 40 pts. This was the best placement in the Novara's
        history. Formation: Corghi, Mainardi, De Togni, Rosen, Molina, Baira,
        Renica, Alberico, Piola, Janda (Feccia), Pesaola. General Manager Luciano
        Marmo, Trainer: Varglien II. Piola scored 18 goals.

1952-53 Serie A 10th with 31 pts.

1953-54 Serie A 14th with 27 pts.

1954-55 Serie A 13th with 28 pts.

1955-56 Serie A 17th with 26 pts. Relegated.

1956-57 Serie B 6th with 36 pts.

1957-58 Serie B 11th with 30 pts.

1958-59 Serie B 10th with 38 pts.

1959-60 Serie B 13th with 35 pts.

1960-61 Serie B 17th with 33 pts. Won the playoff Vs. Triestina (relegated)
        in Ferrara by 2-1 aet.

A year later AC Novara relegated to Serie C for the first time after 6
penalty pts. for illicit behaviour (attempt of corruption).

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