NVA Youth selection (East Germany) tour of Vietnam and Laos 1982

On the invitation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence, a youth selection of the National
People's Army of East Germany (Fußball-Nachwuchsauswahl der Nationalen Volksarmee der DDR)
visited Vietnam and also Laos.

Dates are approximate.

25- 1-82 Ha Noi          CLB Quan Doi       0-2  NVA  (Leuthäuser x2)
27- 1-82 Ha Noi          Hanoi Military XI  0-1  NVA  (Leuthäuser)
29- 1-82 Da Nang         Quan Khu 3         1-4  NVA
31- 1-82 Can Tho         Mekong Delta XI    0-1  NVA
 3- 2-82 TP Ho Chi Minh  Cang Sai Gon       0-1  NVA
 6- 2-82 Vientiane       Laos B             0-3  NVA  (Rietzschel 30', Lindemann 40', Dämmrich 83')
 8- 2-82 Vientiane       Laos Youth Assoc.  0-3  NVA
10- 2-82 Vientiane       Vientiane          0-6  NVA  (Lindemann x4, Nachtigall, Vogel)
12- 2-82 Vientiane       Laos               2-2  NVA
14- 2-82 Ha Noi          Cong An            0-4  NVA

Vietnamese team translations:
 CLB Quan Doi = Army Club
 Quan Khu 3   = Military Region 3
 Cang Sai Gon = Saigon Port
 Cong An      = Police

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