Harold Oduber-wisselbeker

The Harold Oduber-wisselbeker was offered by dr. J. Oduber to the winners of a series of matches between the two main Dutch West Indies islands, Aruba and Curaçao. It was to be contested on 5 occasions, with the island winning most editions keeping the trophy. Eventually only four editions were played, as Curaçao had by then won three times.
Note that on all four occasions two matches were played, a friendly on the first day and the cup match on the second. All results are listed below, with the cup matches in bold face.


ed. match date     winners       venue                       match result
 1  24- 3-1935     Curaçao       Willemstad, Curaçao    Curaçao 4-0 Aruba
 2   2- 5-1937     Aruba         Oranjestad, Aruba      Aruba   1-1 Curaçao
 3  19- 1-1941     Curaçao       Willemstad, Curaçao    Curaçao 2-1 Aruba
 4  14- 4-1941     Curaçao       Oranjestad, Aruba      Aruba   2-2 Curaçao


Matches played at Mundo Nobo, Willemstad (Curaçao).

23- 3-1935 Curaçao   2-0 Aruba

24- 3-1935 Curaçao   4-0 Aruba
   [Ramírez 1-0, Ramírez 2-0, Suárez 3-0, Ramírez 4-0; HT 3-0]
   [CUR: Confessor (Trappers); Maduro (Trappers), Hollander (R.C.C.); Royer (Jong Holland),
         Sintiago (Jong Holland), Leers (Jong Holland); Naaldijk (Transvaal),
         De Castro (Volharding), Suárez (R.C.C.), Ramírez (Jong Holland), Maduro (Jong Holland);
    ARU: Klepper; Jossy, Ismael; Jacobo, Lobo, Hendrik;
         Brink, King, Vingal, Evaristo, Schotborgh]


Matches played at Sportpark Wilhelmina, Oranjestad (Aruba).

 1- 5-1937 Aruba     1-1 Curaçao
  [HT: 0-0]

 2- 5-1937 Aruba     1-1 Curaçao
  [HT: 0-1]

NB: visitors Curaçao conceded the trophy to Aruba out of appreciation of their reception
    by the hosts and the quality of their play.


Matches played at Mundo Nobo, Willemstad (Curaçao).

NB: series originally scheduled for 12 and 13 May 1940, but postponed due to the
    German invasion of the Netherlands on 10 May 1940.

18- 1-1941 Curaçao   4-0 Aruba

19- 1-1941 Curaçao   2-1 Aruba
  [10' Chirino 0-1, Mario Hernandez 1-1, Bernabela 2-1; HT: 0-1]


Matches played at Sportpark Wilhelmina, Oranjestad (Aruba).

NB: Curaçao played with their "Bondselftal", suggesting they did not consider the
    matches to be official.

13- 4-1941 Aruba     0-0 Curaçao
  [match for "Dagmar"-trofee offered by Jossy Naar; the A.V.B. conceded the trophy to
   the visitors]

14- 4-1941 Aruba     2-2 Curaçao
  [CUR squad: E.Vos (Hercules), M.Davelaar (S.U.B.T.), A.Maduro (S.U.B.T., cap.),
              J.Scorea (Volharding), G.Rosario (R.C.C.), H.Confessor (Hercules),
              M.Hernandez (S.U.B.T.), H.Nahar (Transvaal), G.Pardo (Jong Holland),
              Bernabela (S.U.B.T.), H.Panneflek (R.C.C.), Salcedo (S.U.B.T.),
              J.Royer (Volharding), J.Pietersz (S.U.B.T.), P.Jansen (Jong Holland),
              Curiël (Hercules), A.de Koop (Transvaal)]
NB: as visitors, Curaçao claimed the trophy with a draw.  As it was their third win,
    the fifth edition was not played.  Around the matches, officials of the A.V.B.
    and C.V.B. agreed to prepare the foundation of the N.A.V.B., eventually formed
    on 20 December 1941.

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