Uzbekistan - List of Second Level Champions

Season      Champions                    Runners-up 

1992        Shifokor Guliston            Politotdel Toshkent reg. 
1993        Atlaschi Marg'ilon           Surxon Termiz   
1994        Mash'al Muborak              Samarqand Dinamo FK 
1995        Dinamo Urganch               Kosonsoy FK
1996        Zarafshon Navoiy             Chilonzor Tashkent
1997        Temiryo'lchi Qo'qon          Metallurg Bekobod     
1998        Yangiyer FK                  Samarqand Dinamo FK 
1999        Semurg Angren                Kimyogar Chirchiq           [*]
2000        Academia Toshkent            Mash'al Muborak             [-]  
2001        Temiryo'lchi Qo'qon          Mash'al Muborak     
2002        Guliston FK                  Sementchi Kuvasoy
2003        So'g'diyona Jizzax           Lokomotiv Toshkent
2004        Sho'rtan G'uzor              To'palang Sariosiyo   
2005        Andijon FK                   Xorazm FK Urganch
2006        Quruvchi Toshkent            Vobkent FK 
2007        So'g'diyona Jizzax           Uz-Dong-Joo Andijon  
2008        Xorazm Urganch               Do'stlik FK
2009        Bunyodkor Qo'qon 1912 FK [-] Mash'al-Akademiya Muborak   [-] 
2010        Buxoro FK                    So'g'diyona Jizzax
2011        Lokomotiv Toshkent           Guliston FK  
2012        So'g'diyona Jizzax           Guliston FK                 [-] 
2013        Mash'al Muborak              Andijon FK
2014        Sho'rtan G'uzor              FK Qo'qon 1912
2015        Obod Toshkent                Oqtepa Toshkent             [-] 
2016        Dinamo Samarqand             Naryn Khakulabad            [-]
2017        Sementchi Kuvasoy        [-] Istiqlol Ferghana           [-]
2018        Andijon FK                   Mash'al Muborak             [-]
[-] teams which were not promoted
[*] also promoted at the end of the 1999 season: Qizilqum Zarafshon and Aral Nukus

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