Uzbekistan - List of Foundation Dates

1912        Qo'qon 1912 FK               [oldest football club from Uzbekistan and Central Asia]
1936        FK Spartak Toshkent
1945        FK Metallurg Bekobod         [founded as FK Bekabad] 
1946        SKA-Sibal Toshkent           [founded as ODO Tashkent]
            FK Paxtakor Toshkent         [founded on Apr 8 as Spartak Tashkent]
1955        MHSK Toshkent                [founded as SKA Toshkent; disbanded 2001]
1960        FK Metallurg Bekobod         [founded as FK Bekabad]
            Buxoro FK                    [founded as Buhoro Bukhara]  
            FK Neftchi Farg'ona          [founded as Spartak Fergana] 
            FK Dinamo Samarqand   
            FC Surxon Termiz             [founded as Tchigaratchi Termez]
            FK Yangier                   [founded as Zelinnik Yangier; merged 2005
                                          with FK Guliston to Sirdaryo Guliston]
1962        FK Qimyogar Chirchiq         [founded as Khimik Chirchik]
1962        Gulistan PFK                 [founded as Pachtatchi Gulistan] 
1963        FK Do'stlik Toshkent         [founded as Politdotel Tashkent]  
1964        Andijon FK                   [founded as Spartak Andishan] 
1965        FK Zarafshon Navoiy
1966        AGMK FC                      [founded as Metallurg Almalyk]
1967        FK Qizilqum Zarafshon        [founded as FK Progress Zarafshon]
1968        Qo'qon 1912 FK               [founded as Mechnat Kokand]
            FK Traktor Toshkent          [founded as Tashavtomash Tashkent]  
1970        FK So'g'diana Jizzax         [founded as FK Dzhizakh]
1972        FK Xorazm Urganch            [founded as FK Yangiaryk]      
1974        FK Aral Nukus                [founded as Amu-Darya Nukus]  
1978        FK Nasaf Qarshi              [founded as Karshistroj Karshi]
            Navbahor Namangan            [founded as Tekstilschik Namangan] 
1980        Atlashi Margilan
1984        FK Mash'al Muborek
            FK Qasansay                  [merged 2003 with Navbahor Namangan to
1986        Angren FK                    [founded as Shakter Angren]
1991        Shahrixon FK                 [founded as Shakhrikhonchi Shakhrikhan] 
1994        Xilanzar Toshkent            [disbanded 1999] 
            FK Sho'rtan Gu'zor
1995        Sementchy Quvasoy
1998        Academia Toshkent
2000        NBU Osiyo Toshkent
2001        Lokomotiv Toshkent
2002        FK To'polondaryo             [disbanded 2008]
2005        Uz Dong Ju Andijon           [founded as FK Uz-Daewoo-Avto]
            PFK Bunyodkor Toshkent       [founded on Jul 6 as PFK Kuruvchi Toshkent]
2012        FK Obod Toshkent

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