Austria - DJK Championships

The (catholic) Deutsche Jugend-Kraft (DJK) organised regional championships during the interbellum, in particular in Upper Austria (OberŲsterreich). It was renamed ÷JK (÷sterreichische Jugend-Kraft) in 1934. After the Anschluß in March 1938, all catholic clubs were immediately dissolved.
The Viennese section of the ÷JK played three times against the R.K.F. (Dutch catholic federation) in 1936 and 1937, winning once and drawing twice.


DJK Bundesmeisterschaft

1933    Sankt Anton (Wien)              bt  DJK Stammverein Linz    

DJK/÷JK OberŲsterreich

1. Klasse
1923/24 DJK Urfahr
1924/25 DJK Urfahr
1925/26 DJK Urfahr
1926-31   presumably no championship
1931/32 DJK Stammverein Linz
1932/33 DJK Stammverein Linz
1933/34 DJK Stammverein Linz
1934/35 ÷JK Stammverein St. Josef Linz
1935/36 ÷JK Stammverein St. Josef Linz
1936/37 ÷JK Stammverein St. Josef Linz
1937/38   presumably no championship
NB: between 1928 and 1930, the DJK Stammverein Linz and Don Bosco Linz also entered
    the regional leagues of the ÷FB; likewise ÷JK Bad Ischl and ÷JK Traun 1935-37.

2. Klasse
1932/33 DJK KleinmŁnchen
1933/34 DJK Steyregg

VizebŁrgermeister Dr. Stampfl-Cup
1932    DJK Stammverein Linz            3-2 DJK Stadtpfarre linz
1933    DJK Urfahr                      3-2 DJK Stadtpfarre Linz
1934    ÷JK Stammverein Linz            4-0 ÷JK Steyregg
1935    ÷JK Stammverein St. Josef Linz  4-3 ÷JK Bad Ischl  

÷JK Salzburg

NB: founded April 1935; members: ÷JK Gnigl, ÷JK Itzling, ÷JK Liefering, ÷JK Maxglan;
    ÷JK Maxglan (as ÷JK Salzburg) also entered Salzburger 2. Klasse 1935/36 and 1936/37.

÷JK Tirol

NB: ÷JK Innsbruck won the Tiroler B-Klasse 1935/36 and entered the A-Klasse 1936/37,
    in which it finished last.

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