Austria-Netherlands matches 1912-2021

Official Matches


After a first match at the 1912 Olympics, a quarterfinal in which legendary Dutch 'keeper Just Göbel single-handedly defended a 3-1 half-time lead, football developed rather differently in Austria and the Netherlands. While the Netherlands would remain staunchly amateur until the mid-fifties, Austria were among the first European countries to embrace professional football, in the mid-twenties, and henceforth were in a different class altogether. Apart from a single friendly in Amsterdam against the fairly uninspired Wunderteam around Matthias Sindelar, there would be no more encounters until the qualifying tournament for the 1958 World Cup.

By that time, the Dutch had finally introduced professionalism, and with Faas Wilkes back in the team after a successful professional career in Spain and Italy, the Dutch team took a surprise 2-0 half-time lead in the first encounter in Vienna. Only with great effort, hard play and the help of the German referee who offered the Austrians a controversial late penalty, the favourites around Hanappi managed a 3-2 home win. Before the return four months later, tempers were running high in the Netherlands, but with Happel back in the team, Austria calmly held out for a 1-1 draw, the required result for making the 1958 World Cup, in spite of the gouden binnentrio making a rare joint appearance in the Dutch team.

The next competitive encounter was more than two decades later and came at the second (quarterfinal) group stage of the 1978 World Cup. The Austrians had surprisingly and impressively topped their first round group, ahead of Brazil, Spain and Sweden, while the Dutch team had stumbled to second place behind Peru in Mendoza, pipping a rather poor Scotland team on goal difference. But as Dutch coach Ernst Happel introduced some new faces to the team, dropping the injured Rijsbergen and the disappointing Suurbier and introducing fresher legs in Brandts and Wildschut, Happel's countrymen around Krankl and Prohaska never knew what hit them. One week later, and at the same venue, the same side would celebrate Austria's last legendary win, das Wunder von Córdoba, albeit in a dead rubber.

Among the matches played since then, two deserve a special mention: the 1992 friendly in Sittard, the first time the Netherlands beat Austria while playing at home, in which Dutch-born Frenkie Schinkels scored his only ever goal for Austria (he would collect six caps for his adopted country), and the 2008 friendly in Vienna, a goalkeeping comedy, in which Austria took a 3-0 lead before collapsing. It was the first and so far only time the Netherlands overturned a 3-goal deficit to win. Partly thanks to that effort, the Netherlands have won all seven matches played against Austria in the past three decades.

Official Matches

All matches listed are friendlies unless otherwise stated.

Game Date        Venue         Result                      Remark

  1. 30- 6-1912  Stockholm     Netherlands 3-1 Austria     [Olympic Games]
  2. 10-12-1933  Amsterdam     Netherlands 0-1 Austria  
  3. 26- 5-1957  Wien          Austria     3-2 Netherlands [World Cup Qualifier]
  4. 25- 9-1957  Amsterdam     Netherlands 1-1 Austria     [World Cup Qualifier]
  5. 12- 4-1964  Amsterdam     Netherlands 1-1 Austria 
  6. 18- 9-1966  Wien          Austria     2-1 Netherlands 
  7. 28- 3-1973  Wien          Austria     1-0 Netherlands 
  8. 27- 3-1974  Rotterdam     Netherlands 1-1 Austria  
  9. 20- 5-1978  Wien          Austria     0-1 Netherlands  
 10. 14- 6-1978  Córdoba       Netherlands 5-1 Austria     [World Cup]
 11. 14-11-1984  Wien          Austria     1-0 Netherlands [World Cup Qualifier]
 12.  1- 5-1985  Rotterdam     Netherlands 1-1 Austria     [World Cup Qualifier]
 13. 30- 5-1990  Wien          Austria     3-2 Netherlands
 14. 27- 5-1992  Sittard       Netherlands 3-2 Austria 
 15. 16-10-2002  Wien          Austria     0-3 Netherlands [European Champ. Qual.]
 16.  6- 9-2003  Rotterdam     Netherlands 3-1 Austria     [European Champ. Qual.]
 17. 26- 3-2008  Wien          Austria     3-4 Netherlands
 18.  9- 2-2011  Eindhoven     Netherlands 3-1 Austria
 19.  4- 6-2016  Wien          Austria     0-2 Netherlands
 20. 17- 6-2021  Amsterdam     Netherlands 2-0 Austria     [European Championship]


Total record:

Austria              20  6  4 10  24- 38  16
Netherlands          20 10  4  6  38- 24  24

Some more stats:

                     Pd  A  D  N  AG- NG

In Austria:           9  5  0  4  13- 15
In the Netherlands:   9  1  4  4   9- 15
Elsewhere:            2  0  0  2   2-  8

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