Tournoi International de la Solidarité (Ouagadougou)

NB: full name: Tournoi international de la Solidarité des centres 
               de formation de football 


Ed. Year  winners
 1  2002  Tama FC (Burkina Faso)  
 2  2003  Nania FC (Ghana)  
 3  2004  Djoliba AC (Mali)
 4  2005  Planète Champion International (Burkina Faso)
 5  2006  Feyenoord (Ghana)
 6  2007  Sahel SC (Niger)
 7  2008  Naba Kango (Burkina Faso)


Start Aug 18


Poule A
 Centre de formation Naba Kango (Burkina Faso)
 Ecole de football de Port-gentil (Gabon)
 Yeleen football solidaire (Mali)
 Centre de formation Ouédraogo Saidou CFOS (Ivory Coast)
 Ecole de football de l’Amitié [EFAM] (Ivory Coast)
 Kanradji sport (Niger)
 Alphabet foot de Dakar (Senegal)

Poule B
 Centre de formation de la Fédération burkinabè de football
 Faso athlétic club (Burkina Faso)
 Stage foot national solo diomande (Ivory Coast)
 Afas de Sokode (Togo)
 Sahel sporting club (Niger)
 Feyenoord (Ghana)
 Djoliba athletic club (Mali)

Final [Sep 1]
Sahel SC (Niger)          bt  Naba Kango (Burkina Faso) 


NB: matches 2x35 minutes, no extra time

Start Aug 7


Poule A
 Naba Kango (Burkina Faso)
 AFAS (Togo)
 Faso Athlétic Club (Burkina Faso)
 CEPA Foot (Benin)
 Kandadji (Niger)
 Djoliba AC (Mali)

Poule B
 Sahel SC (Niger)
 Matourkou (Burkina Faso)
 Feyenoord (Ghana)
 Alphabet Foot (Senegal)
 Mazargues (Togo)
 EFAM (Ivory Coast)

Semifinals [Aug 21]
Feyenoord (Ghana)         0-0 Djoliba AC (Mali)       [4-2 pen]
Naba Kango (Burkina Faso) 0-0 Mazargues (Togo)        [5-4 pen]

Final [Aug 23, stade municipal, Ouagadougou]
Naba Kango (Burkina Faso) 1-0 Feyenoord (Ghana)
  [Oumarou Sané 57]

NB: Djoliba finished 3rd, Mazargues 4th

 7 Oumarou Sané (Naba Kango)

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