Palestina 2000

West Bank Cup 2000

Final [Feb 10]
Al-Hilal Al-Quds         -  Shabab Hebron		[result not known]

[NB: Al-Quds=Jerusalem]

Gaza Strip Cup 2000

Qualifying Round:
[Feb 11]
Khadamat Dear Balah	awd Ittihad Shojaeyya		[KDB dns]
[Feb 13]
Ahli Beat Hanon		0-3 Shabab al-Zawaida
[Feb 14]
Khadamat Khanyounis	5-1 Mojama Islami

Round of 32:
[Feb 11]
Khadamat al Maghazi	2-5 Al-Sdaqah
Ittihad Dear Balah	awd Khadamat Jabalia		[Jabalia dns]
[Feb 12]
Al-Aqsa			0-2 Al Mashtal
Gablia al-Nzla		1-4 Shabab Khanyounis
Al Zaytoon		7-1 Alamal Sport
[Feb 13]
Beat Lahia		1-4 Ittihad Khanyounis
Ahli Gaza		0-1 Shabab Jabalia
[Feb 18]
Jamaee Rafah		awd Al-Tofah			[Al-Tofah dns]
Khadamat al Shatea	2-1 Hilal Gaza
[Feb 19]
Khadamat Rafah		awd Alsahel			[Alsahel dns]
Khadamat al Nosirat	3-3 Al Salah Islamic Assoc.	[4-2 pen]
[Feb 20]
Ahli al Nosirat		0-1 Gaza Sporting Club
Ahli al-Borig		0-5 Shabab Rafah
[Feb 26]
Ittihad Shojaeyya	0-1 Khadamat Khanyounis
Shabab al-Zawaida	1-0 Khadamat al Burij
[Feb 28]
Palestine		7-2 Al Awda

Round of 16:
[Feb 25]
Shabab Jabalia		4-0 Ittihad Dear Balah
Shabab Khanyounis	2-1 Al Zaytoon
[Feb 26]
Jamaee Rafah		1-5 Khadamat Rafah
[Feb 27]
Gaza Sporting Club	awd Khadamat al Shatea		[Shatea dns]
Shabab Rafah		6-0 Khadamat al Nosirat
[Mar 2]
Ittihad Khanyounis	2-1 Shabab al-Zawaida
[Mar 3]
Palestine		0-2 Al Mashtal
[Mar 5]
Khadamat Khanyounis	1-0 Al-Aqsa

Quarter Finals:
[Mar 4]
Shabab Jabalia		0-1 Shabab Khanyounis
[Mar 10]
Al Mashtal		3-1 Khadamat Khanyounis
[Mar 11]
Khadamat Rafah		0-0 Ittihad Khanyounis		[5-4 pen]
[Mar 28]
Shabab Rafah		1-0 Gaza Sporting Club

Semi Finals:
[Apr 7]
Al Mashtal		0-4 Shabab Khanyounis
[Apr 8]
Shabab Rafah		1-0 Khadamat Rafah

[Apr 14]
Shabab Khanyounis	2-0 Shabab Rafah

Super Cup 2000

Final [May 5] 
Shabab Khan Younis      4-1 Wadi Nis 



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