Panama - List of Third Level Champions

There are two professional levels (LPF (Liga Panameña de Fútbol) as the first level and LNA (Liga Nacional de Ascenso) as the second level. Below, there are eleven provincial leagues (Ligas Provinciales) whose winners and runners-up qualify for the third level championship, the Copa Rommel Fernández. The winners (and sometimes the runners-up) are promoted to the LNA.
Season    Winners                                  Runners-Up

Copa Rommel Fernández

1995/96   Atlético Guadalupe (Panamá Oeste)        Río Abajo FC (Panamá Este)
1997      La Primavera (Veraguas)                  Vista Hermosa (Coclé)
1998      Solano FC (Chiriquí)                     Guabito FC (Bocas del Toro)
1999/00   Club Atl. Independiente (Panamá Oeste)   Zona Libre FC (Bocas del Toro)
2001      AD Orión (Panamá Este)                   Vista Hermosa (Coclé)
2002      River Plate (Colón)                      Río Abajo FC (Panamá Este)
2003      Boxer FC (Colón)                         Artesanos de La Arena (Herrera)
2004/05   Atalanta Jr. (Panamá Este)               Chorrillito FC (Panamá Oeste)
2005/06   Génesis (Panamá Este)                    Independiente Veracruz (Panamá Oeste)
2006/07   Paraíso (Panamá Este)                    Chorrillito FC (Panamá Oeste)
2007/08   Chorrillito FC (Panamá Oeste)            Five Star (Bocas del Toro)
2008/09   Millennium (Panamá Este)             5-4 El Tecal (Panamá Oeste)                  [aet]
2010      SUNTRACS FC (Panamá Este)                Pumas FC (Coclé)
2011      Santa Gema (Panamá Oeste)                Atlético Evolution (Panamá Oeste)
2012      Santos FC (Panamá Oeste)                 AD San Antonio (Coclé)
2013      CD Centenario (Panamá Este)          2-1 La Mesa FC (Veraguas)
2013/14   Club River Plate (Chiriquí)          1-1 Promesa de Dios (Panamá Oeste)           [4-2 pen]
2014/15   New York FC (Colón)                      Deportivo Aroon (Veraguas)
2015/16   Panamá Viejo FC (San Miguelito)          Club River Plate (Chiriquí)
2016/17   San Martín FC (Panamá Este)              CALIÁN FC (Chiriquí Occidente)
2018      Bryan FC (Chiriquí)                      Las Margaritas FC (Panamá Este)

NB: promoted clubs in bold; note that Bryan FC were denied promotion in spite of winning
    the tournament in 2018 because of failure to supply necessary documentation.

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