Journées du Poilu Sportif 1916

On 1916, January 26, Sporting, a French sports weekly magazine, decided to set up sports events across France at the end of April 1916. The goal of this initiative was to collect money and to send balls and boxing gloves to French soldiers. The biggest sports event was a football tournament in the Paris area with seven different teams representing four countries.
Participants (7):

Union               (U.S.F.S.A. = "Union des societes françaises de sports athletiques"; one of
                     the founders of FIFA in 1904 which left FIFA in 1909; jersey colour: blue);
Ligue               (L.F.A. = "Ligue de Football Association", created in 1910 by four Parisian
                     clubs, viz. Cercle Athlétique de Paris, Red Star Amical Club, Union Sportive
                     Suisse de Paris and Paris Star, which left U.S.F.S.A because they wanted to
                     rejoin FIFA in order to play international teams; jersey colour: dark blue);
F.C.A.F.            (Fédération cycliste et athlétique de France; jersey colour: white);
F.G.S.P.F.          (Fédération gymnastique et sportive des patronages de France;
                     jersey colour: orange);
Entente Britannique (Great-Britain XI; managed by corporal Pueren; players were coming from 
                     British military camps based in Paris, Le Havre, Rouen and Marseille;
                     jersey colour: white);
Entente Belge       (Belgique XI; managed by Mr Falize, president of the Comité Français de 
                     l'Union Belge de Football Association; jersey colour: red);
Entente Suisse      (Switzerland XI set up by Mr Ducimetière and Baumberger, composed by Swiss
                     players living in Paris and members of the Union sportive suisse de Paris;
                     jersey colour: red and White).

Quarterfinals [Apr 22]
[Paris, Stade Chevaleret]
Union               6-2 FCAF                [HT: 3-1]
  [Nicolas, Devicq, Devicq, Nicolas (pen), Nicolas, Nicolas (pen); Viallemonteille (pen), Barillet]
  [ref: Jursanson (France)]
[Paris, Stade Brancion]
Ligue               2-1 Entente Suisse
  [Michon, Ninot; Grunig (pen)]
  [ref: Lebrun (France)]
[Montrouge, Stade Vache Noire]
Entente Belge      17-0 FGSPF               [HT: 7-0]
  [Balyu scored at least 4 goals]
  [ref: Hjord (France)]
Entente Britannique bye

Semifinals [Apr 23]
[Boulogne, Pavillon des Princes; att: 2500]
Union               0-0 Entente Britannique [aet]
  [Union: Cottenet (Raincy Sports); Fontaine (Gallia), Herold (Raincy Sports); Privat (C.A.S.G), 
     Ducret (A.S.F), Duval (A.S.F); Lenglet (A.S.F); Langenove (Gallia), Mathey (Stade Français),
     Nicolas (Gallia), Fleury (C.A.S.G);
   Entente Britannique: Greenwood (Bradford City); Mac Donald (Inverners), Bowman (Southampton);
     Mac Ainsh (Sterling County), Leslie (Dundee), Petitjean (Tufnell Park); Stewart (Dundee), 
     Hampson (Manchester), Allan (Manchester), Somers (Glasgow), Garett (Wevill);
   ref: Hjord (France)]
[Boulogne, Pavillon des Princes; att: 2500]
Entente Belge       4-0 Ligue               [HT: 3-0]
  [Carremans, Carremans, Balyu, Balyu]
  [Ligue: Jousserand (JAO Saint Ouen); Huot (CA Vitry), Fiévet (Olympique); Roucoule (CA Vitry), 
     Ninot (Olympique), Charles (Red Star); Faroux (Olympique), Michon (Olympique),
     Louis (JAO Saint Ouen), Quilleret (Olympique), Mirwitz (Red Star);
   Entente Belge: Kogel (Standard de Liège), P. Bouttiau (Standard), Huysmann (Beerschot), 
     Van den Dey (R.C. Roubaix), Hanse (Union Saint-Gilloise), Groslot (F.C. Malines),
     J. Bouttiau (Standard), Carremans (Antwerp), Wynans (Antwerp), Balyu (Liège),
     Van Cant (F.C. Malines);
   ref: Atkins (England)]

NB: at first, the French team decided to let the British team play the final, but the British made
    the opposite proposal; after talks and approval from the British military HQ in Paris, Union
    entered the final.

Third Place Match [Apr 24]
[Saint-Ouen, Stade de Paris; att: 3000]
Entente Britannique 1-0 Ligue               [HT: 1-0]
  [Ligue: Baudier (CCAP); Huot (CA Vitry), Daled (CA Vitry); Hebb (Olympique), Jamot (JAO Saint Ouen),
     Charles (Red Star); Grunig (Union Sportive Suisse), Delomp (Olympique), Quilleret (Olympique),
     Mirwitz (Red Star), Joncquieres (CA Vitry);
   Entente Britannique: Greenwood (Bradford City); Mac Donald (Inverners), Bowman (Southampton);
     Cheffie (x), Leslie (Dundee), Petitjean (Tufnell Park); Stewart (Dundee), Hampson (Manchester),
     Bar (x), Lailor (x), Garett (Wevill);
   ref: Rémy (France)]

Final [Apr 24]
[Saint-Ouen, Stade de Paris; att: 3000]
Entente Belge       3-1 Union               [HT: 1-1]
  [Balyu, Carremans, Balyu; N.N. (outside right; Vial?)]
  [Union: Cottenet (Raincy Sports); Fontaine (Gallia), Herold (Raincy Sports); Spriet (x), 
     Salmson (x), Duval (A.S.F); Vial (x), Langenove (Gallia), Lyons (x), Nicolas (Gallia),
     Serracin (x);
   Entente Belge: Kogel (Standard de Liège), P. Bouttiau (Standard), Huysmann (Beerschot),
     Van den Dey (R.C. Roubaix), Hanse (Union Saint-Gilloise), Groslot (F.C. Malines),
     J. Bouttiau (Standard), Carremans (Antwerp), Wynans (Antwerp), Balyu (Liège),
     Van Cant (F.C. Malines)]

Topscorer: Félix Balyu (Belge), with at least 8 goals
 * Six Belgian players also participated in the France-Belgium game on Mar 12, 1916,
   won 4-1 by Belgium against a selection from the C.F.I.
 * Félix Balyu and Emile Hanse both won Olympic gold in 1920 with Belgium and both
   attended also 1919 Inter-Allied Games.
 * Van den Dey is in fact Maurice Vandendriessche, who twice played for France (in 1908) 
   and also for Belgium during World War I.
 * Paul Bouttiau died in July 1916 at Calais.
 * International games of Belgian players: Hanse (11), Van Cant (10), J. Bouttiau (6), 
    P. Bouttiau (4), Balyu (1), Kogel (1).
 * Grunig from Union Sportive Suisse played both for Entente Suisse (quarterfinal) and
   Ligue (third place game).
 * Paul Nicolas played 35 games played for France (1920-1931) and at 3 Olympics tournaments;
   1916 was his first year of activity; he was Managing Director of France 1954-1959.
 * 3 Union players were 1919 Inter-Allied Games finalists: Paul Nicolas, Eugène Langenove, 
   Emilien Devicq.
 * International games of Union players: Ducret (20), Cottenet (18), Langenove (2), Vial (1).
 * French players were very young as the Verdun Battle started with a huge amount of French
   soldiers; e.g., Paul Nicolas, 17 years old, Eugène Langenove, 18 years old,
                   Jean Ducret (19 years old), Maurice Cottenet, 21 years old.

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