Circolo Sportivo Ponziana - Short Historical Overview 1912-1960

Circolo Sportivo Ponziana
City: Trieste Italy
Colours: sky blue and white /white/white

Current position: Amateur Italian Championship I Categoria 2003-2004.
Soccer's field "Giorgio Ferrini" in Trieste, Piazzale delle Puglie.

This is a short history about a club which played in two different countries.

1912 Birth of Circolo Sportivo (CS) Ponziana

1918 Ponziana merged with FBC Trieste into US Triestina. Some member
     disagreed and reorganized the Club.

1920 New CS Ponziana enrolled into FIGC.

1920-21 Admitted to the Regional Promozione (4th level)

1921-22 Promozione FIGC wins her group and was promoted to the III Division

1922-23 III Division Venezia Giulia

1923-24 III Division Venezia Giulia. Preliminary Group with Edera,
        Monfalconese, Pro Gorizia, Grion Pola, Triestina.

1924-25 III Division Venezia Giulia

1925-26 Promoted to the II Division Northern League.

1926-27 II Division North Group C winner with 30 pts.. Promoted to I

1927-28 I Division Group A 5th with 20 pts.

1928 Fascists local Rulers forced the Club to merge with Edera into ASPE
     (Associazione Sportiva Ponziana and Edera). CS Ponziana restarted from
     the I Categoria with the name of Ponzianini Erranti.

ASPE Trieste
1928-29 I Division North Group C 5th with 35 pts.

1929-30 I Division North Group C third with 36 pts. The union ceased and the
        Club took the name of SocietÓ Sportiva Ponziana (SS) reorganized from 
        the Ponzianini Erranti team in 1930-31.

SS Ponziana

1931-32 I Division Group A 5th with 28 pts.

1932-33 I Division Group C 10th with 18 pts.

1933-34 I Division Group A 8th with 28 pts.

1934-35 I Division Group A 10th admitted to the new I Division (level 4th).

1935-36 I Division Interregionale Promoted to Serie C.

1936-37 Serie C Group A 4th with 30 pts.

1937-38 Serie C Group A third with 39 pts.

1938-39 Serie C Group A 10th with 22 pts.

1939-40 Serie C Group A third with 31 pts.

1940-41 Serie C Group A second with 34 pts.

1941-42 Serie C Group A 6th with 32 pts.

1942-43 Serie C Group A 6th with 23 pts.

1943-44 Alta Italia Championship, Tournament "V zona Venezia Giulia" 8th
        with 7 pts.

1945-46 Northern League Serie C.
        The territory of Trieste was claimed by the Yugoslav Government while
        divided into Zones A (Trieste - under Allied Control) and B (Istria -
        under Yugoslav Control). Many riots occurred in that difficult time. 
        Yugoslavia, strongly willing a Trieste's Club in her 1st Division for 
        political aims, offered lots of money to Ponziana for enrolling in 
        Yugoslavian Soccer. The Italian Club (in Serie C) granted 5000 it. 
        Lire /monthly to the players, a very low amatorial salary. Yugoslavs 
        boasted about 30.000 it. Lire/monthly if the project could be realized.
        Edera and Ponziana sent a formal request to be admitted to Serie A 
        arguing on the forced merging ordered by Fascists in 1928. Ponziana 
        threatened FIGC to leave Italian Soccer. The Federal Council declared 
        both requests and threats as unbelievable and ordered to the Clubs to 
        enrol into Serie C's ranks. Edera said "yes" but Ponziana refused.
        The Slavs had finally won the political match and so two Ponzianas 
        were created. The SS Ponziana, a ghost Club without many players, 
        played in Italian Serie C falling down into the minor Leagues; the 
        Amatori Ponziana (white shirt with sky-blue horizontal band) began to 
        trip over Yugoslavia.

SS Ponziana in Italy's Serie C

1946-47 Serie C North - Group I (the group won by Edera Trieste with 48
        pts.): SS Ponziana placed last with zero pts. (3 penalty pts.).

1947-48 Serie C North - Group I - third with 37 pts. admitted to the

1948-49 Promozione Interregionale

Amatori Ponziana Trieste in Yugoslavian I Division

1946/47 Yugoslavian I Division - Ponziana Trst was 10th with Buducnost
        Titograd with 20 pts. but wasn't relegated for political interests.

1947/48 Yugoslavian I Division Ponziana Trst was 7th with 16 pts.

1948/49 Yugoslavian I Division Ponziana Trst  was last (10th) with 10 pts.
        and relegated
        In 1949 Marshall Josip Broz "Tito" left the Soviet Union Influence
        trying an approach to the Allied political positions. So the question 
        of Trieste became not so important as before. The Trieste's Club was 
        "freed" (or no more money was granted)  and returned to the Italian 
        Championship with the historical name of CS Ponziana.

CS Ponziana

1949-50 Promozione Interregionale. Promoted in Serie C

1950-51 Serie C Group B 14th with 33 pts. Relegated and readmitted.

1951-52 Serie C Group B 14th with 27 pts. Admitted to the new IV Serie.

1952-53 IV Serie Group C 13th with 19 pts. Relegated to Promozione.

1953-54 Promozione

1954-55 Promozione

1955-56 Promozione. Promoted to IV Serie

1956-57 IV Serie Group D 11th with 32 pts.

1957-58 IV Serie II categoria. Relegated to the new I Categoria (the former

1959-60 I Categoria

1960-61 I Categoria

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