Portugal - Competitions before World War I

This file lists various competitions played in Portugal before the first edition of the Campeonato de Portugal (a knock-out competition in 1921 to crown the Portuguese champions).

Taça D. Carlos I 1894

In 1894 the king Carlos I created a natinal cup, to be played annually by teams from all Portuguese cities. The cup would be played at the field of the last winner and definitely won by the first team who won it three years in succession. But only one edition was played, in 1894, by one team from Oporto (F.C. Porto) and one from Lisbon (F.C. Lisbonense, the predecessor of CIF-Clube Internacional de Futebol). The cup was called "Taça D. Carlos I" and had an incription that said: "Football Championship das Cidades de Portugal" (football championship of the cities of Portugal).

  I-Oporto, 02-Mar-1894 - F.C. Porto   0-1 F.C. Lisbonense [played at Campo Alegre]

F.C. Lisbonense: Guilherme Ferreira Pinto Basto (cap.); M. Keating, R. Locke;
  C.D. Rankin, Clyde de Barley, Arthur Paiva Raposo; F. Palmer, Carlos Villar,
  J. Pittuck, Affonso Villar, J. Thomson.
F.C. Porto: MacGeock; F. Guimarans, A. Nugent; A. Dagge, MacMilan, Albert
  Kendall; F.H. Ponsonly (cap.), Adolfo Ramos, MacKeckenie, R. Ray, Alfred
Referee: Eduardo Ferreira Pinto Basto.

Taça de Portugal 1912-1918

The next attempt to create a national cup was developed, in 1912, by Sport Clube Império, who intended to create a cup for teams from all over the country. It was called "Taça de Portugal" (Portuguese Cup); it also was referred to as Taça Império after the organisers. But only two teams inscribed in the competition, because the others said there were no dates available (sic!). Organised by S.C. Império:

  I-Lisboa, 28-Jan-1912 - S.L. Benfica  3-0 S.C. Império    [played at Campo da Palhavã]
NB: Sporting C.P. and C. Internacional F. may have been scheduled to meet
    in another semifinal but it was never played and Benfica were winners.

 II-Lisboa, semifinals:
            23-Feb-1913 - Sporting C.P. 2-3 C. Internacional F.
            25-Dec-1913 - S.L. Benfica  2-1 S.C. Império
            final:        S.L. Benfica  w/o C.I.F. [dns]
NB: C.I.F. didn't play the final, so at not to lose the prestige won at 
    the Regional Championship (sic!).
A third edition was held in 1918 between three teams, following a merger in 1917 between S.C. Império and Lisboa F.C. into Império Lisboa Clube:
            20-Oct-1918   S.L. Benfica  2-1 Império L.C.
            10-Nov-1918   Império L.C.  2-0 Sporting C.P.
             8-Dec-1918   S.L. Benfica 5-2 Sporting C.P.   [rescheduled from 17-Nov]

 1.S.L. Benfica       2  2  0  0  7- 3  4
 2.Império Lisboa C.  2  1  0  1  3- 2  2
 3.Sporting C.P.      2  0  0  2  2- 7  0

NB: a game  24-Nov-1918   S.L. Benfica 3-3 Império L.C.  originally also
    was part of the competition but as the remaining games (both involving
    Sporting) were not played anymore, it was not considered in the final
    ranking and Benfica were proclaimed winners.

Jogos Olímpicos Nacionais 1910-1913

The "Liga Sportiva de Trabalhos Eclécticos e a Sociedade Promotora da Educação Física Nacional" created the "Jogos Olímpicos Nacionais" (National Olympic Games), which included also football.

  I-Lisboa, 19-Jun-1910 - S.L. Benfica 2-1 Sport União Belenense  [played at Campo da Feiteira]
 II-Lisboa, 18-Jun-1911 -  finalists unknown
III-Lisboa, 19-May-1912 - S.L. Benfica 5-1 C. Internacional F. [played at Campo das Larajeiras]
 IV-Lisboa,    Jun-1913 - S.L. Benfica w/o Sporting C.P. [dns]
  [a match on 27-Mar-1913, SLB 3-0 CIF, may have been part of this competition]

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