Associazione Calcio Reggiana - Short Historical Overview 1919-1960

Associazione Calcio Reggiana
City: Reggio Emilia, Italy
Colours: garnet with blue or garnet trousers
period: 1919-1960

Current position: Italian Championship Serie C1 Group A 2003-2004.

The Reggiana Calcio is the sole Italian Soccer Society which owns her
Stadium: the Stadio Giglio opened on 1995 April, 15th in substitution of
the old field, the Mirabello. It has 29.546 seats.

1919 September. 25th. Birth of Reggiana AC. 
First official match: Spal Ferrara - Reggiana 3-3 (friendly). It began 
its history, with a black shirt, in the Promozione emiliana.

1919-20 third in the Preliminary Group of Promozione Emilia with 8 pts.
        Admitted to the 1st Division.

1920-21 I Division Emilia 

4th in Group A with 4 pts.

1921-22 I Division Emilia 

4th in Group B FIGC Tournament with 5 pts. Relegated.

1922-23 II Division Emilia 

4th  with 17 pts. Now the shirt is garnet.

1923-24 II Division 

second with 22 pts. Earned 11 pts. in the II Division Final Round winning 
the playoff. Promoted to I Division.

1924-25 I Division Northern League 

8th in Group A with 20 pts.

1925-26 I Division Northern League 

9th in Group B with 17 pts. Relegated to the new I Division  (2nd level).

1926-27 I Division 

first in Group C with 28 pts. Admitted to the Final Round were was third 
with 5 punti after Novara (Champion of I Division) and Pro Patria. 
Promoted to Divisione Nazionale.

1927-28 Divisione Nazionale 

11th in the Group A with 8 pts. Relegated and afterwards readmitted.

1928-29 Divisione Nazionale 

15th in Group B 13 pts. Relegated to Serie B.

1929-30 Serie B 

16th with 23 pts. Relegated to the I Division (now third level).

1930-31 I Division 

Group B, second with 35 pts. Admitted to the Final Round.
Final Group B 4th  with 3 pts.

1931-32 I Division 

Group B 4th with 31 pts.

1932-33 I Division 

Group E second with 30 pts.

1933-34 I Division 

Group D first with 38 pts. Admitted to the Final Round.
Final Group D 4th with 4 pts.

1934-35 I Division 

Group E first with 38 pts. Admitted to the Final Round.
Final Group A first with 8 pts. Lost the Playoff with Robur Siena 
in Pistoia by 7-0.

1935-36 Serie C 

Group B second with 45 pts.

1936-37 Serie C 

Group B 5th with 32 pts.

1937-38 Serie C 

Group B third with 39 pts.

1938-39 Serie C 

Group B first with 37 pts. Admitted to the Final Round.
Final Group A third with 5 pts. The garnet shirt substituted by
a strange garnet-blue vertical striped one.

1939-40 Serie C 

Group B first with 46 pts. Admitted to the Final Round.
Final Group A first with 9 pts. Promoted to Serie B.

1940-41 Serie B 

9th with 33 pts.

1941-42 Serie B 

16th with 25 pts. Relegated to Serie C

1942-43 Serie C 

Group G second with 27 pts.

1943-44 Alta Italia Tournament 

Mixed Group C Emilia second with 11 pts.
Retired from the playoff Vs, AC Carpi.

1944-45 No matches. Wartime stop.

1945-46 Northern League Championship Series B and C 

Mixed Group C first with 29 pts. Admitted to the Final Round. 
Final Group: 4th with 9 pts. Admitted to Serie B. Returns the garnet shirt.

1946-47 Serie B 

Group B 13th with 39 pts.

1947-48 Serie B 

Group B 5th with 39 pts.

1948-49 Serie B 

16th with 39 pts.

1949-50 Serie B 

17th with 37 pts.

1950-51 Serie B 

13th with 40 pts.

1951-52 Serie B 

19th with 24 pts. Relegated to Serie C

1952-53 Serie C 

18th with 11 pts (20 penalty points for illicit behaviour). Relegated 
to IV Serie.

1953-54 IV Serie 

Group C third with 36 pts.

1954-55 IV Serie 

Group C 7th with 36 pts.

1955-56 IV Serie 

Group C first with 54 pts. Admitted to the Playoffs. In the Final Group 
earned 9 pts. being promoted to Serie C

1956-57 Serie C 

4th with 38 pts.

1957-58 Serie C 

first with 43 pts. Promoted to Serie B.

1958-59 Serie B 

4th with 43 pts.

1959-60 Serie B 

5th with 39 pts. Is the time of the Italy's Centennial. Since the first 
Italian National Flag (the green-white-red Tricolore) was issued in Reggio 
Emilia in 1860, the team adopted a white shirt with two large Vs on chest, 
one green and the other red with white space between them.

1960-61 Serie B 

4th with 43 pts.

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