Juegos Deportivos de la Revolución 1930 (Mexico City)

NB: On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, the Mexican government 
    organized a series of sporting events that included a football tournament in which teams from 
    various parts of the country participated.

Participant teams:

I.S.C.O. (Irapuato)
A.D.O. (Orizaba)
Selección Jalisco (Guadalajara)
Selección Mexicana (Mexican National Team)
Selección Nacional (Mexican League XI)
Selección de Extranjeros (Foreign players of Mexican League)

[Nov 30]
Parque España
Mexican League XI 2-7 I.S.C.O.
Mexican NT        4-2 Selección Jalisco
  [Juan Carreño (2), Dionisio Mejia, Alfredo Sanchez; José Diaz, Marcial Ortiz]
[Dec 7]
Parque Necaxa
Toluca            4-2 A.D.O.
Sel. Extranjeros  9-0 León
  [Miguel Giralt (6), Julio Lores (2), n.n.]

[Dec 12]
Parque España
Sel. Extranjeros  6-2 Toluca
Mexican NT        7-0 I.S.C.O.

[Dec 14]
Parque España
Mexican NT        1-2 Sel. Extranjeros
  [Dionisio Mejía; Miguel Giralt (2)]

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