Romania - List of Foundation Dates

NB: for the sake of consistency, all occurrences of î were replaced 
    by â, according to current spelling.

1879        SG Arad                              [as gymnastics club]                     
1902        FK Timișoara                         [oldest football club of Romania]
1904        SC Olimpia București                 [founded as ASC Olympia București; oldest club of București; 
                                                  disbanded 1915, refounded 1921 as Olimpia, dissolved 1946]
1906        Româno-Americana FC București        [disbanded 1916]
1906        AS Progresul 1906 Ciakova            [founded as (FK?) Tschakova; newly founded 1920] 
1907        CFR FC Cluj                               [founded as Kolozsvári Vasutas SC]
1909        Clubul Atletic Colentina București
            United Athletic Club Ploiești        [disbanded 1913] 
            Astra Arad                           [founded as AMEFA Arad]    
1910        Chinezul Timișoara                   [founded as Temesvári Kinizsi Sport Egyesület; merged in Aug 1936
                                                  with ILSA Timișoara  and after WW II with CAM Timișoara]
            FC Oradea                            [founded as Crișul Oradea]
1911        CAM Timișoara                        [founded as Reuniunea de Gimnastică a Muncitorilor din Timișoara;
                                                  merged 1936 with CA Timiișoara to CAMT; merged after WW  II  
                                                  with Chinezul Timișoara and was 1946 again called CAM; disbanded 1949]
            Prahova CSU Ploiești                 [founded as FC United Ploiești] 
            CA Oradea                            [disbanded]  
            Vagonul Arad                         [founded as AMTE Arad]  
1912        Bukarester IHC FC                    [founded as Bukarester FC, disbanded 1916]
            Crișana Oradea                       [disbanded 1940] 
1913        Cercul Atletic București
            Uniunea Sportiva București
            Colțea FC București                  [founded as CS Colțea București]  
            CS Dunarea București 
            Gloria FC Arad 
1914        Unirea Tricolor FC București         [founded as Teiul București, merged 1926 with Unirea Obor București  to Unirea 
                                                  Tricolor București]        
            Excelsior Craiova                    [merged 1915 with Oltenia to Excelsior-Oltenia Craiova] 
            Oltenia Craiova                      [merged 1915 with Excelsior to Excelsior-Oltenia Craiova] 
            CS Brasovia Brașov 
1915        Uzine Communale  București           [founded as Venus Athletic SC București, disbanded 1949]
            FC Victoria București
            Gloria București
            România București
            FC Generala Craiova
            FC Tinerimea Craiova  
            FC Rapid Craiova
            FC Adler Craiova
1916        FC Sportul Studențesc București      [founded as SC Universitar București]  
            Tennis Club București
1919 May 25 Maccabi București                    [disbanded May 14, 1948]
            Speciala București  
            Educația Fizică București
            Excelsior București 
            FC Olimpia București  
            CS Jiul Petroșani  
            Universitatea Cluj-Napoca            [founded as Universitatea Cluj]  
            Victoria Cluj-Napoca                 [founded as CS Victoria Cluj, disbanded 1947]   
            FC Ceahlăul Piatra Neamț      
            CFR Timișoara       
1920        FC Farul Constanța                   [founded as SPM Constanța]
            Vulturii Textila Lugoj               [founded as Vulturii Lugoj]  
            CS Minerul Lupeni 
            FC Șoimii IPA Sibiu                  [founded as FC Șoimii Sibiu] 
1921        CS Politehnica Timișoara
            CS Industria Sârmei Câmpia Turzii 
            Corvinul FC Hunedoara 
            CFR Mureșul Târgu Mureș              [disbanded] 
            CFR Arad 
1922        CS Gloria Bistrița                   [founded as Ceramica Bistrița] 
            CS Flacăra Moreni                    [founded as IMSER Moreni] 
            CS Arieșul Turda 
            Vagonul Ploiești                     [founded as Tricolor CS Ploiești]   
1923 Jun 25 FC Rapid București                   [founded as Casa Feroviarul Rapid București] 
            Prima Banat Timișoara                [founded as CS Banatul Timișoara; disbanded around 1950]           
1924        FC Apullum Unirea Alba Iulia         [founded as Unirea Mihai-Viteazu Alba Iulia]
            FC Petrolul Ploiești                 [founded as FC Juventus București]  
            CSM Chimia Râmnicu Vâlcea            [founded as Vâlceana Râmnicu Vâlcea] 
            Olimpia FC Satu Mare 
1926        CSM Reșița                           [founded as SS UDR Reșița by merger of SS Reșița and Uzeniior Reșița]   
1927        FC Baia Mare                         [founded as Tricolor Baia Mare] 
1928        CF Brăila                            [founded as Dacia Unirea IG Brăila] 
            FC Ripensia Timișoara                [disbanded 1948]
            CFR Turnu Severin 
1930        AS Avântul Reghin                    [founded as Foresta Reghin]
1932        Gloria CFR Galați                    [merger of FC Șoimii-Gloria and CFR Galați] 
            RGM Chinezul Timișoara               [merger of CS Chinezul and  RGM Timișoara, 1933 separated in former clubs]
1933        CFR Timișoara
1934        Aurul Brad                           [founded as CS Mica Brad]  
1935        Metalul București                    [founded as Malaxa București]  
1936        CAM Timișoara                        [merger of RGMT and CAT 1910 Timișoara, disbanded 1949]
1937        SC Astra Ploiești           
            FC Brașov                            [founded as Uzinele Astra Brașov]
            Carmen București                     [disbanded 1947]
1939        FC Craiova                           [merger of CS Craiovan Craiova and Rovine Craiova, disbanded 1949] 
1944 May 10 AS FC Progresul Bucuresti            [founded as Société Lafayette București, later FC Național București]
1945 Apr 18 FC Municipal UTA Arad                [founded as ITA Arad]  
            FC Politehnica Iași  
            Ferar Cluj-Napoca                    [founded as Ferar KSME Cluj]   
            Gaz Metan Mediaș                     [founded as Karres Mediaș] 
1946        ASA Câmpulung Moldovenesc            [founded as CS Casa Armata Câmpulung Moldovenesc]           
            CS Faur București                    [disbanded 2005]
1947 Jun  7 Steaua FC București                  [founded as ASA București]    
1948 May 14 FC Dinamo București                  [merger of Unirea-Tricolor and CS Ciocanul București] 
            FC Universitatea Craiova             [founded as CSU Craiova]
1949        FC Caracal Craiova                   [founded as FC Electroputere Craiova] 
            Dinamo Obor București                [disbanded 1963]         
1950        FCM Bacău                            [founded as Dinamo Bacău] 
            Dinamo Brașov  
            CSU Galați                           [founded as Dinamo Galați, merged 1982 with FCM to FCM Dunărea CSU Galați ]    
            FCM Târgoviște                       [founded as Metalul Târgoviște]    
1953        FC Argeș Pitești                     [founded as Dinamo Pitești] 
            Rocar București                      [founded as Autobuzul  București] 
1954        FC Foresta Fălticeni            
1954        Progresul CSCS București             [founded as Vointa București; disbanded 1969]
1957        Dinamo Cluj-Napoca                   [founded as Dinamo Cluj]     
1958        FC Oradea                            [founded as CS Crișul Oradea]   
1960        SC Uzinele Mecanice Timișoara        [founded as Vulturii UMT]     
1962        ASA Electromureș Târgu Mureș         [founded as ASA Târgu Mureș]                
            Viitorul București                   [disbanded 1963]
1963        AS Rocar București                   [disbanded 2009]   
1964        FC Oțelul Galați 
1970        FCM Galați                           [founded as FC Galați, merged 1982 with CSU to FCM Dunărea CSU Galați]
            FC Onesti                            [founded as Constructorul Onesti]             
1971        Gloria Buzău FC                      [merger of Metalul Buzău and Șoimii Buzău]  
            AS Victoria București                [disbanded 1989]
1972        FC Cetatea Suceava                   [founded as CSM Suceava] 
1973        CS Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu       [founded as Cimentul Târgu Jiu]
            FC Olt Scornicești                   [founded as Viitorul Scornicești] 
1982        FCM Dunărea CSU Galați               [merger of FCM Galați and CSU Galați]
1986        FC Inter Sibiu
2000        Rocar Fulgerul Bragadiru             [merger of Rocar București and Fulgerul Bragadiru; 2001 separated in former clubs]
2002        FC Vaslui
2009        FC Viitorul Constanța

Common abbreviations:

ASA = Asociația Sportivă Armata
CFR = Căile Ferata Române (= Romanian Railways)
CS  = Clubul Sportiv
CSM = Clubul Sportiv Muncitoresc
FC  = Fotbal Club
FCM = Fotbal Club Muncitoresc

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