Russia - List of Foundation Dates and Name Changes

Foundation Dates of clubs in the Russian part of former German East Prussia

1900        VfB Königsberg                   [founded as FC 1900 Königsberg]  
1902        SC Ostpreußen Königsberg
1904        Sportzirkel Samland Königsberg   [merged 1908 with FC Prussia to SpVgg Prussia Samland Königsberg]
            FC Prussia 1904 Königsberg       [merged 1908 with Sportzirkel Samland to SpVgg Prussia Samland Königsberg]
1905        SV Insterburg 
1907        FC Preußen Gumbinnen
            SC Preußen Insterburg            [founded as FC Preußen Insterburg]
            SC Lituania Tilsit               [merged 1929 with Verein für Körperübungen Tilsit to Tilsiter SC] 
1908        SpVgg Prussia Samland Königsberg [merger of Sportzirkel Samland Königsberg and FC Prussia 1904 Königsberg]
1912        VfB Tilsit
1919        VfL Labiau 
1920        RSV Heiligenbeil
1921        SV York Insterburg               [merged 1934 with Militär SV  Boyen to MSV York Boyen Insterburg]  
192?        MSV von der Goltz Tilsit         [founded as Polizei SV Tilsit]
1929        Tilsiter SC                      [merger of SC Lituania Tilsit and Verein für Körperübungen Tilsit]
1934        MSV York Boyen Insterburg        [merger of SV York Insterburg and Militär SV Boyen]  
1940        LSV Heiligenbeil 
            LSV Richthofen Neukuhren  

Foundation Dates

FK Znamya Truda Orekhovo-Zuyevo 1909
Spartak (Moskva)		1922
Dinamo (Moskva)			1923
CSKA (Moskva)			1923
Torpedo-Luzhniki (Moskva)	1924
Stalinets (Leningrad)           1926 [later merged with Zenit Sankt-Peterburg]
Rostsel'mash (Rostov-na-Donu)	1930
Zenit (Sankt-Peterburg)		1931
Rotor (Volgograd)		1933
Lokomotiv (Moskva)		1936
Alania (Vladikavkaz)		1937
Krylya Sovetov (Samara)		1943
Uralmash (Ekaterinburg)		1947
Baltika (Kaliningrad)		1955
Energiya (Kamyshin)		1958
Chernomorets (Novorossiisk)	1960 [Didn't exist: 1971-1977]
FK Tyumen' (Tyumen')		1961
Lada (Togliatti)		1969
KamAZ-Chally (Nab. Chelny)	1981
Lokomotiv (Nizhnii Novgorod)	1987
Zhemchuzhina (Sochi)		1990

Name Changes

FK Znamya Truda Orekhovo-Zuyevo: Morozovtsy, KSO, TsPKFK, Orekhovo-Zuyevo, 
Krasnoye Orekhovo, Krasny Tekstil’shchik 1909-35, Krasnoye Znamya 1935-37, Zvezda 1938-45,
Krasnoye Znamya 1946-57, Znamya Truda 1958-91, Khitryye Lisy 1992, FK Orekhovo 1993-94, 
GFK Orekhovo 1994-95, Spartak-Orekhovo 1997-2002, FK Znamya Truda 2002-
Chernomorets Novorossisk: Tsement 1960-1970, 1978-1991, Gekris
1992-1993, Chernomorets 1994- 
KamAZ-Chally Naberezhnye Chelny*: Trud-PRZ 1981-1986, Torpedo
1987-1989, KamAZ 1990-1994, KamAZ-Chally 1995-        
Rostsel'mash Rostov-na-Donu: Traktor 1930-1952, Torpedo
1953-1957, Rostsel'mash 1958-         
Rotor Volgograd*: Traktor 1933-1947, Torpedo 1948-1957, Traktor
1958-1970, Stal' 1971, Barrikady 1972-1974, Rotor 1975-   
Lada Togliatti*: Torpedo 1969-1989, Lada 1990-1996, Lada-VAZ
Energiya Kamyshin: Tekstil'schik 1958-1996,
Energiya-Tekstil'schik 1996-1997, Energiya 1997-          
Zenit St-Petersburg*: Stalinets 1931-1939, Zenit 1940-            
Alania Vladikavkaz*: Spartak 1937-1994, Spartak-Alania 1995,
Alania 1996-          
Torpedo-Luzhniki Moskva: Proletarskaya Kuznitsa 1924-1936,
Torpedo 1936-1996, Torpedo-Luzhniki 1996-          
Baltika Kaliningrad*: Pischevik 1955-1957, Baltika
CSKA Moskva: OPPV 1923-1927, CDKA 1928-1950, CDSA 1951-1956,
CSKMO 1957-1959, CSKA 1960-      
Spartak Moskva: MKS 1922, Krasnaya Presnya 1923-1925,
Pischeviki 1926-1930, Dukat 1931-1933, Promkooperatsiya 1934, 
Spartak 1935-
Krylya Sovetov Samara*: Krylya Sovetov 1943-1952, Zenit 1953,
Krylya Sovetov 1954-          
FK Tyumen': Geolog 1961-1962, Priboy 1963-1964, Neftyanik
1965-1977, Stroitel' 1978-1979, Fakel 1980-1982, Geolog 1983-1991,
Dinamo-Gazovik 1992-1996, FC Tyumen' 1997-
Uralmash Ekaterinburg*: Avangard 1947-1962, Uralmash

Few Explanations

* -- asterisk-marked cities had name changes as well:
Naberezhnye Chelny -- Brezhnev (1982-1988?);
Volgograd -- Stalingrad (1925?-1961);
Togliatti -- Stavropol'-na-Volge (till 196?, before the club was founded);
St-Petersburg -- Leningrad (1924-1991);
Kaliningrad -- Königsberg (till 1945, before the club was founded);
Samara -- Kuibyshev (till 1991);
Ekaterinburg -- Sverdlovsk (till 1991).

NOTE for statisticans
By Russian standards, club's proper name can be with or without city name, but city name alone is not accepted anyway (with exception, of course, for FK Tyumen' and few other lower league clubs, which don't have separate club name now). To denote clubs with the same names but from different cites, abbreviations or full city names can be used, e.g. Lokomotiv M and Lokomotiv NN.
As for names themselves, there are few notably wide-spread club names, such as Dinamo (usually KGB or Police owned club), SKA or CSKA (Army club), Torpedo (usually club was/is owned by automobile plant), Spartak (Trade Union club), Lokomotiv (Railway club). Since Soviet times this pattern has changed, and almost all clubs are independent now, although they usually keep their names.

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