Rwanda - List of Foundation Dates Clubs

1935          Mukura Victory Sports FC (Butare)        [oldest football club of Rwanda; founded as Loisirs; 1945 renamed Victoria FC;
                                                        newly founded May 26, 1963 under the current name]
1959          Rwanda FC (Kigali)
1962          Etincelles FC (Gisenyi)
1964  May 11  Kiyovu Sports Association (Kigali)
1965          Panthères Noirs (Kigali)                 [founded as Garde National; dissolved 1989]
1968  May 25  Rayon Sports (Nyanza)        
197?          Nyanza FC                                [merged 2012 with Rayon Sports FC] 
198?          Etincelles FC (Gisenyi)
              Mukungwa FC (Ruhengeri)
              Flash FC (Gitarama)
              Zèbres FC (Byumba)
              Espoir FC (Cyangugu)
1993          Armée Patriotique Rwandaise FC (Kigali)  [aka APR]
1996          Espérance FC (Kigali)
1998          Renaissance FC (Kigali)                  [merged 2003 with Les Citadins FC to Kigali City FC]
2000          Rwanda National Police FC (Kigali)
2003          AS Kigali                                [founded 2003 as Kigali City FC as merger of Les Citadins FC and Renaissance FC]
2006          Bugesera FC (Nyamata) 
2006          Electrogaz FC (Kigali)
              Umuraybo FC (Rwamagana)                  [dissolved 2007]
2020  Feb     EPE2 (Kigali)   
2021  Aug     Gasogi United FC (Kigali)

Women Club Foundation Dates

2001          Inyemera WFC
              AS Kigali FC                             [founded as Les Citadins FC; present name since 2005]                   
2009          Rambura WFC
              Mutunda WFC (Butare)
              Kamonyi WFC
              Indahangarwa WFC (Rwamagana)
2012          Youvia WFC (Kigali)
2013          Freedom de Gakenke WFC
2014          Rugende WFC

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