(West) Samoa 2001

Premier League

Known results:
Lepea           2-1     Moataa
Lepea           5-0     Maagao
Lepea           4-2     Moaula
Lepea           3-0     Vaitoloa

Lepea           drw     Moamoa
Sogi            0-0     Lepea

Top of Table:
 1.Sogi          [unbeaten]
 2.Lepea         [unbeaten]

Round 9 [Oct 6]  (Last round)
Faatoia          -      Moamoa
Lepea           bt      Vaivase-tai
Moataa           -      Maagao
Vaitoloa         -      Kiwi
Sogi           13-1     Moaula

Top of Final Table:

 1.Gold Star (Sogi)              9   8   1   0   25
 2.Strickland Brothers (Lepea)   9   7   2   0   23
3?.Moamoa (uncertain)

Top scorer: Des Faaiuaso (Lepea)  17 goals.     

Bottom-4: Moaula, Maagao, Faatoia, Vaitoloa (enter relegation playoff
  with top-4 division 1).

Championship of Champions 

[Nov 3 or 4] 
Strickland Brothers Lepea       4-1     Vaivase-tai
Final [Dec 1] 
Strickland Brothers Lepea       3-3     Moataa          [aet, 5-4 pen] 

2. Division Cup Final 
Lotopa                          3-1     Kiwi 

Plate Final 
Sogi                            bt      Moaula 

Second Level 2001

Division One

Champions: Togafuafua

Top-4 (Togafuafua, Adidas, Sinamoga, Hosanna) enter promotion playoff with
  bottom-4 Premier League.



Samoa Cup 2002 (involved American Samoa as well)

list of champions

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