Sampierdarenese - Short Historical Overview

Andrea Doria | Sampdoria

SocietÓ Ginnastica Sampierdarenese Genova
City: Genua Italy
Colours: white with horizontal black band (after 1919 red and black)

Current position: no more competing. Officially plays as  Unione Calcio
Sampdoria Genova in serie A. However in the Italian Amateur lower Leagues
still plays an US Sampierdarenese.


In the industrial zone of Genua, the Sampierdarena area called also the
"Manchester of Italy", some British citizens founded some football teams.
The Italian answer was the foundation of the FBC Liguria (also called Pro
Liguria) with a shirt in white-green vertical stripes.


The SocietÓ Ginnastica Sampierdarenese created the Sezione Calcio Autonoma 
(the soccer branch) and began playing in FIG Tournaments (Federal Gymnastic).


FBC Liguria enrolled to FIGC


The white-greens officially admitted to the 1st Category.

1913-14 I Categoria 

Group Liguria and Piemonte - FBC Liguria tenth with 2 pts.

1914-15 I Categoria 

group A - FBC Liguria sixth with 2 points. The Great War stopped the


The War was over. The SG Sampierdarenese enrolled to FIGC and merged with 
FBC Liguria. The original shirt (white with an horizontal black band)
changed to a white shirt with an horizontal red and black band with the
Genua's badge in the center (a white shield with a red cross). It was the
same band that we can currently note on the Sampdoria's shirt. The new team
was the US Sampierdarenese.

1919-20 I categoria Liguria (1st level) 

fourth with 7 pts.

1920-21 I categoria Liguria 

fifth with 16 pts.

1921-22 I categoria Liguria FIGC 

winner with 18 pts. Admitted to the Interregional Semifinals 
Northern League FIGC group B where was the winner with 5 pts together 
with Spal Ferrara. Semifinal playoff Vs. Spal Ferrara won by 2-1. 
Second in the National Final Group with 2 pts. 
 7-5: Sampierdarenese - Novese 0-0 
14-5: Novese - Sampierdarenese 0-0
21-5: Novese - Sampierdarenese 2-1 (in Cremona). 
Novese FIGC Champion.

1922-23 Ist Division (1st level) 

North group A - third with 28 pts.

1923-24 Ist Division 

North group A - ninth with 18 pts.

1924-25 Ist Division 

North group B - tenth with 20 pts.

1925-26 Ist Division 

North group B - sixth with 23 pts.

1926-27 Divisione Nazionale (1st level) 

Group B - fifth with 20 pts.

1927    in July merged with Sampierdarenese and Corniglianese by fascists 
        administrators and was obliged to rename into La Dominante AC.

1927-28 Divisione Nazionale 

Girone (group) B. Dominante 10th with 14 pts. 
Relegated and afterwards readmitted.

1928-29 Divisione Nazionale 

Girone (group) A. Dominante 10th with 23 pts. 
Admitted to the new serie B (2nd level).

1929-30 Serie B 

Dominante third with 42 pts. Team officially dissolved.

1930-31 La Dominante merged with Sestrese and Rivarolese, officially
        renamed Liguria F.B.C., with red-black colours. In Serie B got 
        the last place with 19 pts. and relegated.

1931-32 Ist Division (now the third level) in the group D rebirth of the
        Sampierdarenese, now AC (Associazione Calcio). It was second with 
        40 pts., being admitted to the final rounds. In Final Group C the 
        team was the winner with 9 pts. and promoted to Serie B.

1932-33 Serie B 

eighth with 33 pts.

1933-34 Serie B 

Group A winner with 36 pts. Final Group winners Bari and Sampierdarenese 
with 10 pts. Playoff in Bologna: Sampierdarenese - Bari 1 - 0. Promoted to 
Serie A.

1934-35 Serie A 

13th with 26 pts.

1935-36 Serie A 

12th with 27 pts.

1936-37 Serie A 

14th with 22 pts.

1937-38 US Sampierdarenese merged with Rivarolese and Corniglianese into
        Associazione Calcio Liguria. 

Serie A 11th with 24 pts.

1938-39 Serie A 

6th with 31 pts.

1939-40 Serie A 

15th with 24 pts. Relegated for worst GD.

1940-41 Serie B 

winner with 49 pts. Promoted to Serie A

1941-42 Serie A 

11th with 27 pts.

1942-43 Serie A 

16th with 21 pts. Relegated.

1943-44 War Championship "Torneo misto Alta-Italia" 1944, 

preliminary round Piemonte and Liguria: 4th AC Liguria Genova with 23 pts.

1945-46 Serie A Northern Group: 

the team returned to the original US Sampierdarenese  but placed 14th 
with 15 pts. and relegated.

1946-47 Merged with Andrea Doria creating UC Sampdoria

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