Batavia Trip of Singapore Cricket Club 1921

The Singapore Cricket Club (also referred to as plain Singapore in contemporary Batavia newspapers) was the dominant football club of the city, and its reigning and record champions at the time (they had won 4 out of 10 championships of the Singapore Amateur Football Association); it should however be noted no official championship had been played since 1914.
The W.J.V.B. (West Java Voetbal Bond) invited them for a visit to Batavia during which they played 4 matches within six days, including the first ever match by an official N.I.V.B. selection against foreign opposition. In addition they played against representations of the federations of Soerabaja (S.V.B.) and Batavia (W.J.V.B.), who had played each other on 26 March, the W.J.V.B. XI beating their guests 2-0. It is not clear whether this match was part of a triangular tournament with those of 27 March and 1 April.
Matches in the Dutch East Indies

on Java

27- 3 Batavia           S.V.B. XI        3-0 S.C.C.           [HT: 0-0]
28- 3 Batavia           N.I.V.B. XI      1-0 S.C.C.           [HT: 0-0]
30- 3 Batavia           Rest van Batavia 1-2 S.C.C.           [HT: 0-1]
 1- 4 Batavia           W.J.V.B. XI      0-0 S.C.C.           [aet]

Note: matches 2x30 minutes; extra time in the final match was 2x5 minutes.

Total Record S.C.C.:       4   1  1  2   2- 5   3

Squad S.C.C.

GK: Jules Utermark
DF: L.M. Pennefather [replaced J. Laidlaw (Kuala Lumpur)]
    R.H. Gale  
MF: R.A. Parish
    J.R. Lynch
    D. Munro   
FW: C.M. Jamieson
    R.W. Sinclair (cap.)
    Roy Smith
    S.H. Moss
    C.E. Winter
res Walters

Match Details

26- 3 W.J.V.B. XI      2-0 S.V.B. XI
W.J.V.B. XI: Van Bladel; Thijs, Paul Overbeek Bloem; Van Hooydonck, Neyendorff, Kandou;
             George Pipper, Vaillant, Cortenbach, Guus Overbeek Bloem, Manoppo
S.V.B. XI: Van Alphen; Trauerbach, Fruneaux; Andela, Pothof, Nelissen;
           Vorsterman-van Ooyen, Sahatapi, Lecerff, Voll, Van Hoogstraten
Goals: Vaillant 1-0, Vaillant 2-0
referee: De Wilde
Half-Time: 0-0
Note: at Deca-park, Koningsplein; att: 4,000; Voll missed penalty at 1-0

27- 3 S.V.B. XI        3-0 S.C.C.
S.V.B. XI: Van Alphen; Trauerbach, Cortenbach; Fruneaux, Pothof, Andela;
           Van der Elst, Sahatapi, Lecerff, Patrick Leslie Miller, Van Hoogstraten
S.C.C.: Utermark; Gale, Pennefather; Parish, Lynch, Munro;
        Jamieson, Moss, Roy Smith, Sinclair, Winter
Goals: Lecerff 1-0, Lecerff 2-0, Lecerff 3-0
referee: Perquin
Half-Time: 0-0
Note: at Deca-park, Koningsplein; att: 15,000 (estimate)

28- 3 N.I.V.B. XI      1-0 S.C.C.
N.I.V.B. XI: Van Eeck (Sidolig, Bandoeng); Vink (U.N.I., Bandoeng), Ooms (Sidolig, Bandoeng);
             H. Donleben (S.V.V., Semarang), Basslé (Semarang), Hoogerbeets (Semarang);
             Cortenbach (Vios, Batavia), Van Hoogstraten (Soerabaja), Lecerff (Sparta, Bandoeng),
             Patrick Leslie Miller (S.V.S., Soerabaja), Van der Elst (Soerabaja)
S.C.C.: Utermark; Gale, Pennefather; Parish, Lynch, Munro;
        Jamieson, Roy Smith, Moss, Sinclair, Winter
Goals: Cortenbach 1-0
refere: Buurman van Vreeden
Half-Time: 0-0
Note: at Deca-park, Koningsplein; Lecerff played club football for Sparta in Bandoeng but
      represented Soerabaja at the military city matches and in the match on 26 March above

30- 3 Rest Batavia     1-2 S.C.C.
Rest Batavia: Max Lelieveld (S.V.B.B.); Fred Nitzschke (Vios), De Voogt;
              Weidema, Jolly (B.V.C.), Djoko (S.V.B.B.);
              Fens (S.V.B.B.), Lammerding, Lelieveld (Oliveo),
              Guus Overbeek Bloem (Oliveo), Quentin (Oliveo)
S.C.C.: Utermark; Gale, Pennefather; Walters, Lynch, Munro;
        Jamieson, Parish, Moss, Sinclair, Winter
Goals: Sinclair 0-1, Moss 0-2, N.N. 1-2
referee: Foltynski
Half-Time: 0-1
Note: at Deca-park, Koningsplein

 1- 4 W.J.V.B. XI      0-0 S.C.C.
W.J.V.B. XI: Van Bladel (Vios); Paul Overbeek Bloem (Oliveo), Hans Thijs (S.V.B.B.);
             Kandou (Vios), Neyendorff (S.V.B.B.), Hooydonck (S.V.B.B.);
             Manoppo (Oliveo), Eddy Alting Siberg (B.V.C.), Cortenbach (Vios), 
             Paul Vaillant (Oliveo), George Pipper (Oliveo)
S.C.C.: Utermark; Gale, Pennefather; Parish, Lynch, Munro;
        Jamieson, Winter, Sinclair, Moss, Roy Smith
referee: Foltynski
Half-Time: 0-0
Note: Vios-veld, Meester Cornelis

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