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Wednesday 27th January 1971 (Ibrox disaster benefit match)
Referee: William Anderson (East Kilbride, Scotland)    
Crowd: 81.405, Hampden Park, Glasgow
Goals: 0-1 Gemmill (10), 1-1 Best (29), 1-2 Lorimer (84)

Peter Philip Bonetti (Chelsea), William Pullar "Sandy" Jardine (Rangers), John Greig 
(Rangers) [c], Robert White Murdoch (Celtic), William McNeill (Celtic), David Bruce Smith 
(Rangers), William Henderson (Rangers), John Hughes (Celtic), Robert Charlton (Manchester United), 
William McClure Johnston (Rangers), George Best (Manchester United).

James Fergus Cruickshank               (Heart of Midlothian)
David Hay                              (Celtic)
Thomas Gemmell                         (Celtic)
Patrick Gordon Stanton                 (Hibernian)
Ronald McKinnon                        (Rangers)
Robert Moncur [c]                      (Newcastle United) 
Peter Patrick Lorimer                  (Leeds United)
Archibald Gemmill                      (Derby County)
Colin Anderson Stein                   (Rangers)
John O'Hare                            (Derby County)
Charles Cooke                          (Chelsea)

James Philip Craig                     (Celtic)      for Ronald McKinnon (46)
Thomas McLean                          (Kilmarnock)  for John O'Hare     (86)

Notes:  On 2nd January 1971 66 people died and over 200 were injured leaving Ibrox Park towards the end 
        of the traditional New Year Rangers versus Celtic match. The Lord Provost of Glasgow, Sir Donald 
        Liddle, set up the Ibrox Disaster Fund for the benefit of the families affected. This match was 
        played in aid of the fund and the proceeds contributed approx. £40,000 to the total raised. On 
        3rd February 1971 Scotland were due to play Belgium in a European Championship qualifying match. 
        As a consequence Bobby Brown, the Scotland manager, was given first choice in selecting players 
        from Rangers and Celtic for the Scotland XI as it was an opportunity for a warm-up match before 
        they travelled to Liege the following week. He was, however, asked not to select John Greig 
        (Rangers) so that he could captain the Rangers/Celtic Select. Gordon Banks (Stoke City & England), 
        Bobby Charlton (Manchester United & England), George Best (Manchester United & Northern Ireland) 
        and Wyn Davies (Newcastle United & Wales) accepted invitations to play for the Rangers/Celtic Select. 
        In the end, Gordon Banks was forced to withdraw as he had a club cup replay 24 hours beforehand 
        and was replaced by Peter Bonetti. Wyn Davies also withdrew with an ankle injury and John Hughes 
        took his place.
        The players did not receive a match fee and Queen's Park FC did not make any charge for the use 
        of Hampden Park. The referee at the Rangers v Celtic match on 2nd January 1971, William Anderson, 
        was invited to officiate at the match.

Sunday 16th April 1978 (John Greig testimonial match) RANGERS – SCOTLAND XI 5-0 (1-0) Referee: Ian Foote (Glasgow) Crowd: 65.000, Ibrox Park, Glasgow Goals: 1-0 Johnstone (1), 2-0 Greig (60), 3-0 Russell (63), 4-0 Russell (74), 5-0 Greig (80) RANGERS: Peter McCloy, William Pullar "Sandy" Jardine, John Greig [c], Thomas Forsyth, Colin Macdonald Jackson, Alexander MacDonald [sub: Kenneth George Watson 46], Thomas McLean [sub: Derek Strickland 46], Robert Russell, Derek Joseph Johnstone, Gordon Duffield Smith, David Cooper. SCOTLAND XI: James Anton Blyth (Coventry City) John Jack Brownlie (Hibernian) Brian John Whittaker (Partick Thistle) Donald Sandison Masson (Derby County) Gordon McQueen (Manchester United) Bruce David Rioch (Derby County) John Neilson Robertson (Nottingham Forest) Ian Andrew Wallace (Coventry City) Joseph Jordan (Manchester United) Richard [Asa] Hartford (Manchester City) Archibald Gemmill (Nottingham Forest) Subs: Luigi (Lou) Macari (Manchester United) not used Notes: This was the testimonial match for John Greig MBE. He played and captained Rangers for 17 seasons making 755 competitive appearances (120 goals). He won 44 Scottish caps and captained his country 15 times. The match was also an opportunity for Scotland manager Ally MacLeod to have a warm-up game for the Scotland team prior to the Home International Championship and the World Cup Finals in Argentina. The car taking the three Manchester United players to the match was held up by heavy traffic. The start of the match was delayed for 20 minutes while the players' car was given a Police escort. Rangers' players Derek Johnstone and Thomas Forsyth had changed into Scotland kit to replace Joe Jordan and Gordon McQueen in the Scotland team if they did not arrive. However, the Manchester United players eventually appeared and Johnstone and Forsyth changed back into Rangers shirts.
Wednesday 19th April 1978 (Friendly match) HIGHLAND LEAGUE SELECT – SCOTTISH FA REPRESENTATIVE XI 2-2 (1-0) Referee: William P Knowles (Inverurie, Scotland) Crowd: 4.301, Kingsmills Park, Inverness Goals: 1-0 Urquhart (43), 2-0 McIntosh (65), 2-1 Sneddon (78), 2-2 Cramond (85) HIGHLAND LEAGUE SELECT: Bobby Gray (Keith), Ian Bruce (Buckie Thistle), Gordon Buchan (Elgin City), Doug Considine (Huntly), Dave Cochrane (Nairn County), Peter Corbett (Caledonian), Jim McKay (Ross County) [sub: Mike Winton (Keith) 89], Charlie Duncan (Inverness Thistle), Billy Urquhart (Caledonian), Ray McIntosh (Caledonian), Ian William Wilson (Elgin City). SCOTTISH FA REPRESENTATIVE XI: James Garven Stewart (Kilmarnock) Alan Sneddon (Celtic) Robert Sime "Roy" Aitken (Celtic) Gregor MacKenzie Stevens (Motherwell) Robert Reid (St.Mirren) John McMaster (Aberdeen) Eamonn John Bannon (Heart of Midlothian) Anthony Charles Fitzpatrick (St.Mirren) Francis Peter McGarvey (St.Mirren) David Alexander Provan (Kilmarnock) George McKinlay Cassidy McCluskey (Celtic) Subs: Paul Clarke (Kilmarnock) for Robert Reid (20) Gordon Alexander Cramond (Ayr United) for David Provan (46) Notes: Scotland manager Ally MacLeod selected a team of his "players for tomorrow" for his assistant, John Hagart, to take to play a team representing the Scottish Highland Football League: the part-time, senior professional football league in the north of Scotland. Six players from the match went on to play for Scotland in official matches. In 1987 Ian William Wilson (Highland League Select) won 5 full caps whilst playing for Leicester City and Everton. From the Scottish FA XI team Stewart, Aitken, Bannon, McGarvey and Provan were capped.
Wednesday 9th June 1982 (1982 World Cup warm-up match) TORRALTA - SCOTLAND XI 1-9 (0-5) Referee: nk Crowd: "sparse", Estadio do Portimonense Sporting Clube, Portimao, Portugal Goals: 0-1 Souness (5), 0-2 Evans (12), 0-3 Archibald (20), 0-4 Souness (nk), 0-5 Souness (nk), 0-6 Archibald (46), 1-6 Sergio (nk), 1-7 Dalglish (63), 1-8 Sturrock (nk), 1-9 Archibald (nk) TORRALTA: team not found SCOTLAND XI: James Leighton (Aberdeen) Daniel Fergus McGrain (Celtic) Alan David Hansen (Liverpool) Allan Evans (Aston Villa) Francis Tierney Gray (Leeds United) Gordon David Strachan (Aberdeen) John Wark (Ipswich Town) Graeme James Souness (Liverpool) Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish (Liverpool) Steven Archibald (Tottenham Hotspur) John Neilson Robertson (Nottingham Forest) Subs: George Wood (Arsenal) for James Leighton (HT) George Elder Burley (Ipswich Town) for Daniel McGrain (HT) David Alexander Provan (Celtic) for Gordon Strachan (HT) Paul Whitehead Sturrock (Dundee United) for Kenneth Dalglish (64)
Thursday 10th June 1982 (1982 World Cup warm-up match) TORRALTA - SCOTLAND XI 0-7 (0-3) Referee: nk Crowd: nk, Estadio do Portimonense Sporting Clube, Portimao, Portugal Goals: 0-1 Brazil (nk), 0-2 Jordan (nk), 0-3 Brazil (nk), 0-4 Robertson (55) penalty, 0-5 Hartford (66), 0-6 Robertson (72), 0-7 Jordan (75) TORRALTA: team not found SCOTLAND XI: Alan Roderick Rough (Partick Thistle) George Elder Burley (Ipswich Town) Alexander McLeish (Aberdeen) William Ferguson Miller (Aberdeen) Francis Tierney Gray (Leeds United) David Narey (Dundee United) Richard [Asa] Hartford (Manchester City) David Alexander Provan (Celtic) Paul Whitehead Sturrock (Dundee United) Joseph Jordan (AC Milan) Alan Bernard Brazil (Ipswich Town) Notes: Kenneth Dalglish (Liverpool) replaced Alan Brazil probably for the second-half. The duration of the match was 80 minutes. As a gesture to the Torralta club for hosting the two matches the Scotland team presented the shirts they had worn to the club.
Friday 30th May 1986 (1986 World Cup warm-up match) LOS ANGELES HEAT - SCOTLAND XI 0-3 (HT not known) Referee: nk Crowd: 6.000, El Camino College Stadium, Torrance - Los Angeles, California Goals: 0-1 Nicholas (nk), 0-2 Strachan (nk) penalty, 0-3 Nichol (nk) LOS ANGELES HEAT: team not found SCOTLAND XI: James Leighton (Aberdeen) Maurice Daniel Robert Malpas (Dundee United) Charles [Richard] Gough (Dundee United) Alexander McLeish (Aberdeen) William Ferguson Miller (Aberdeen) Stephen Nicol (Liverpool) Gordon David Strachan (Manchester United) Graeme James Souness (Rangers) Robert Sime "Roy" Aitken (Celtic) Steven Archibald (FC Barcelona) Charles Nicholas (Arsenal)
Sunday 1st June 1986 (1986 World Cup warm-up match) HOLLYWOOD KICKERS - SCOTLAND XI 0-4 (HT not known) Referee: nk Crowd: nk, name of the stadium nk, Los Angeles, California Goals: 0-1 Sharp (nk), 0-2 McAvennie (nk), 0-3 Bannon (nk), 0-4 McStay (nk) HOLLYWOOD KICKERS: team not found SCOTLAND XI: Andrew Lewis Goram (Oldham Athletic) Maurice Daniel Robert Malpas (Dundee United) James Bett (Aberdeen) David Narey (Dundee United) Arthur Richard Albiston (Manchester United) Eamonn John Bannon (Dundee United) Paul Michael Lyons McStay (Celtic) Francis McAvennie (West Ham United) David Cooper (Rangers) Graeme Marshall Sharp (Everton) Paul Whitehead Sturrock (Dundee United) Subs: Alan Roderick Rough (Hibernian) for Andrew Goram (nk) Robert Sime "Roy" Aitken (Celtic) for Maurice Malpas (nk) Alexander McLeish (Aberdeen) for Paul Sturrock (nk)
Saturday 18th August 1990 (Scottish Football League centenary match) SCOTLAND XI - SCOTTISH LEAGUE XI 0-1 (0-1) Referee: James McCluskey (Stewarton, Ayrshire) Crowd: 15.085, Hampden Park, Glasgow Goal: 0-1 Gillhaus (12) penalty SCOTLAND XI: Andrew Lewis Goram (Hibernian) Stewart McKimmie (Aberdeen) David McPherson (Heart of Midlothian) Maurice Daniel Robert Malpas (Dundee United) Gary McAllister (Leeds United) Paul Michael Lyons McStay (Celtic) John Angus Paul Collins (Celtic) Stuart David Munro (Rangers) Patrick Kevin Francis Michael Nevin (Everton) Alistair Murdoch McCoist (Rangers) Robert William Fleck (Norwich City) Subs: Israel [Campbell] Money (St.Mirren) for Andrew Goram (nk) Christopher McCart (Motherwell) for Paul McStay (nk) Gary Mackay (Heart of Midlothian) for John Collins (nk) Robert Sime "Roy" Aitken (Newcastle United) for Stuart Munro (nk) John Grant Robertson (Heart of Midlothian) for Robert Fleck (nk) SCOTTISH LEAGUE XI: Theo Snelders (Aberdeen) [sub: Patrick Joseph Bonner (Celtic) minutes nk], Michael [Gary] Stevens (Rangers), Miodrag Krivokapic (Dundee United) [sub: Christopher Barry Morris (Celtic) minutes nk], Fred van der Hoorn (Dundee United), David Alexander James Robertson (Aberdeen), István Kozma (Dunfermline Athletic) [sub: Thomas Boyd (Motherwell) minutes nk], Paul Lambert (St.Mirren), James Edward McInally (Dundee United), Robert Connor (Aberdeen) [sub: William James Alexander McKinlay (Dundee United) minutes nk], Hans Gillhaus (Aberdeen), Charles Nicholas (Celtic) [sub: Keith Arthur Wright (Dundee) minutes nk].

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