Seoul Olympic Stadium Inauguration Tournament 1984

FLUMINENSE (Brazil)  3  2  1  0   6- 1   5
South Korea          2  1  1  0   5- 0   3
South Korea U21      2  1  0  1   5- 4   2
Cameroon XI          3  0  0  3   2- 13  0

 2-10 South Korea       0-0  Fluminense
 2-10 South Korea U21   5-1  Cameroon XI
        [Choi Jin-Han, Kim Sam-Soo, Chung Dong-Bok, Shin Yeon-Ho x2 / ?]
 4-10 South Korea       5-0  Cameroon XI*
        [Park Chang-Seon, Byun Byung-Joo, Choi Sang-Gook 48' 70' 80']
 4-10 South Korea U21   0-3  Fluminense
        [Washington, Romerito, Aldo]
 6-10 South Korea        -   South Korea U21
 6-10 Fluminense        3-1  Cameroon XI
        [Assis, Romerito, Washington / Zanwalla (see below)]

* full international for the KFA

Notes: the score from the match between the two Korean teams has not been found.
As Fluminense won the tournament, presumably South Korea did not win the match.
The Cameroon team contained several players who were in the squads for the 1984
Olympic Games, and the 1984 African Nations Cup, but did not include the best
players from those squads. Immediately after the tournament, the senior South Korea
went to Calcutta for the Asian Cup qualifiers, and the South Korea U21 team went to
Singapore for the Merlion Cup.

(Assis 14', Romerito 17', Washington 22' ; Zanwalla 79')
Ref. Iong Sudak (South Korea)    
FLU: Paulo Victor (Ricardo Lopes); Aldo, Duílio, Vica, Branco;
     Leomir, Renê, Romerio, Assis (Roberto Bertuço); Washington,
Coach: Carlos Alberto Torres
CAM: Jacques Songo'o; Charles Toube, Luc M'Bassi, Bertin Ebwelle,
     Michel Bilamo; Muhi (Gusi), Dotuwa (Aio), Joseph Enanga;
     Bonaventure Djonkep, Zanwallam Ernst Ebongue
Coach: Rade Ognjanovic

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