Seychelles - List of Champions

The first tournament was organised in 1936 by Dr J.T. Bradley, the Challenge Cup. Afterwards a league tournament with 5 participating teams, consisting of 20 matches, was played; the first edition, in 1941 was played by Ascot XI, Seychelles XI, Royal Mission XI, Police Team and Saint Louis College Team. By 1955, the number of participants had grown to 9.
In the 1960s, Ascot dominated Seychelles' football.
In the 1970s, Rangers and Rovers took turns winning trophies.

Period from 1982 to 1993 described as time of regionalisation; in 1993 clubs were reintroduced, and the first 'full' season with club teams finished in 1995.

Known Champions
1941-75   not known
1976    Juventus Rangers
1977-78   not known
1979    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1980    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1981    Saint Louis (Victoria)
time of regionalisation
1982    Mont Fleuri (Victoria)
1983    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1984    Mont Fleuri (Victoria)
1985    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1986    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1987    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1988    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1989    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1990    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1991    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1992    Saint Louis (Victoria)
1993      no competition
classification league
1994    Saint Louis (Victoria)
'reintroduction of clubs'
1995    Sunshine SC (Victoria)
1996    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins)
1997    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins)
1998    Red Star (Anse-aux-Pins)
1999    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) 
2000    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) 
2001    Red Star (Anse-aux-Pins)
2002    La Passe FC (La Passe) and Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) [shared]
2003    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) 
2004    La Passe FC (La Passe) 
2005    La Passe FC (La Passe) 
2006    Anse Réunion FC (Anse Réunion)     
2007    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) 
2008    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) 
2009    La Passe FC (La Passe)  
2010    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) 
2011    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins)
2012    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins)
2013    Côte d'Or (Praslin)    
2014    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins)
2015    Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins)
2016    Côte d'Or (Praslin)    
2017    Saint Louis Suns United (Victoria)
2018    Côte d'Or (Praslin)  
2019      transitional season, no official championship [*]
2019/20 Foresters (Mont Fleuri)
2020/21   abandoned
2021/22 La Passe FC (La Passe) 
2022/23 Foresters (Mont Fleuri)
2023/24 Saint Louis Suns United (Victoria)

[*] in 2019 two mini-leagues were played, with Northern Dynamo (Glacis) winning the
    Mahé league and La Passe FC (La Passe) winning the inner-island league.

Number of Titles (43 (of which 1 shared, so 44 winners); since 1979)

13 Saint Louis (Victoria)
   Saint Michel United (Anse-aux-Pins) [1 shared]

 5 La Passe FC [1 shared; first champions outside of Mahé, in 2002]

 3 Côte d'Or (Praslin) [first ever club from Praslin to win the league, in 2013]

 2 Foresters (Mont Fleuri)
   Mont Fleuri (Victoria) 
   Red Star FC (Anse-aux-Pins)
   Saint Louis Suns United (Victoria)

 1 Anse Réunion FC (Anse Réunion)      
   Sunshine SC (Victoria)

NB: at the end of 1993, the "grande équipe d'Anse Aux Pins" was split
    into 2 club teams, one of them Red Star (and the other presumably
    Saint Michel United);
    Saint Louis and Sunshine merged into Saint Louis Suns United before
    the start of the 2007 season

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