Sierra Leone - List of Foundation Dates

1923   Mighty Blackpool FC (Freetown)            [founded as Socro United]
1924   Regent Olympic FC (Freetown)              [founded as Sierra Leone Grammar School]
192?   East End GC (Freetown)
       SE Tyrants (Freetown ?)
1928   East End Lions FC (Freetown)
1945   Golden Dragons FC (Magburaka)
1950   Wusum Stars (Bombali)
1954   Bai Burreh Warriors (Port Loko)
       Diamond Stars FC (Kono)                   [founded as Diamond Stars FC (Kono)
1955   Kamboi Eagles FC (Kenema)                 [founded as Kenema District Club]
1958   Arsenal (Freetown)
196?   Freetown City FC                          [founded as Santos; later called Bolton and then Freetown United]
1966   Bo Rangers FC (Bo)                        [founded as Kakura Rangers]
       No-Limit FC (Freetown)
1979   Estate Contractors FC (Freetown)          [on Jan 1]
198?   FC Kallon (Freetown)                      [founded as Sierra Fisheries FC]
1992   Gold Leopards FC (Freetown)
1993   Anti-Drugs Strikers FC (Newton)
1996   Black Half United (?)
2000   RSLAF FC (Makeni)                         [Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces]
2001   Shining Stars Sandlanders FC (Bo)
2004   FC Johansen (Freetown)
       Manchester City FC (Freetown)
2006   Central Parade FC (Freetown)              [founded as Cenegal]
       Real Mack FC (Freetown)
2007   FC Kellie (Freetown)
       Roady FC (Freetown)
       Katara FC (Rokupr Town)                   [on Apr ?]
       Great Scarcies FC (Kambia) 
2008   Kellie FC (Freetown)
2010   Freetown FC                               [founded as Black Stars FC]
       Limo FC (Rutile)
       Kholifa Stars FC (Magburaka)
2013   SV Werder Bremen FC (Freetown)            [on Aug 9]
       Foday Boie FC (Freetown)   
       Luawa FC (Freetown)
2014   Mamsul FC (Waterloo)                      [on Nov 20]
       SYL FC (Freetown ?)
       AIK Freetong (Freetown ?)
2015   Lion Pride FC (Freetown ?)                [on Sep ?]
2016   Success Founation FC (Freetown)
       King Kong FC (Freetown)
       Amida FC (Port Loko)
2018   Sierra FC (Angola Town Community, Freetown)
       Tornado FC (Freetown) 
2019   Bhantal FC (Freetown)
       Hillside Football Academy (Freetown)
2020   FC Beckham 7/23 Academy (Freetown)
       Sewa Eagles FC
2023   Kaka FC (Magburaka)                       [in Jan]

Women Club Foundation Dates

1974   Sierra Leone Correctional Service SC (Freetown)    [founded as Prison Sports]
2002   Bullom Queens FC (Mahera)                          [on Feb 21]
       Suba United FC (Makeni)     
2004   Mogbwemo Queens FC (Bonthe)  
2008   Rising Queens FC (Makeni)
       Njaluahun Queens FC  
2009   Skyrich FC                                         [on May 30] 
2010   Kahunla Queens FC   
2011   Central Queen’s FC                                 [on Dec ?]
2013   Yes for Women FC                                   [on Jun 10]
       Ram Kay FC (Bo)
2018   Lungi Queens FC                                    [on Aug 16]

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