Sudan - List of Champions

In the early 20th century, football was played at Khartoum's elite Gordon Memorial College, which played annual matches against the Khartoum Military School. Sudan's oldest football stadium was built in Atbara in 1927.
The Khartoum State League was founded in the 1920s as the oldest provincial league (other sources state a Khartoum league was founded 1936; a first Sudanese championship was played in 1934 with Al-Merreikh as winners) and comprised 14 clubs. The Khartoum Premier League was founded in 1951. The national premier league was founded in the early 1990s; prior to that (apparently since 1961, but it is not clear whether the first season was 1961 or 1961/62) provincial champions played off for the "Shield" (national championship).
Year   Champions                               Runners-Up
1962   Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
1963     not held
1964   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1965   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Shati (Atbara)
1966   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1967   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1968   Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)                   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1969   Burri (Khartoum)                        Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1970   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1971   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1972   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1973   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1974,1 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1974,2 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1975   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1976     no competition
1977   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1978   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1979     no competition
1980     no competition
1981   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Hay al-Arab (Port Sudan)
1982   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Ahli (Wad Medani)
1983   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1984   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1985   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Merreikh (Obayed)
1986   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1987   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1988   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1989   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1990   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1991   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1992   Al-Hilal (Port Sudan)                   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1993   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1994   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1995   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1996   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1997   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1998   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1999   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Hay al-Arab (Port Sudan)
2000   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
2001   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
2002   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
2003   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2004   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2005   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2006   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2007   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2008   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2009   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2010   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2011   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2012   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2013   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2014   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2015   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2016   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2017   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2018   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2019   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2020   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2021   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2022   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)

Note: there were two championships in 1974.

Number of Titles (58)

 32 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)

 23 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)

  1 Burri (Khartoum) 
    Al-Hilal (Port Sudan) 
    Al-Mourada (Omdurman)

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