Sudan - List of Foundation Dates

1908 Nov 14  Al-Merreikh SC (Omdurman)         [founded as Al-Masalam SC]
1913         Hellenic Athletic Club (Khartoum) [merger of Hellenic Shooting Club and Hellenic Gymnastics Club;
                                                football department founded around 1920]
1927         Al-Mawrada SC (Omdurman)
1928         Al-Ahli (Wad Medani)
             Hay al-Arab SC (Port Sudan)
             Al-Mirghani (Kassala)
             Al-Nil (Wad Medani)
1929         Al-Ahli (Khartoum)
192?         Abbassia (Omdurman)
             Hay al-Isbtaliya (Omdurman) 
1930 Feb 13  Al-Hilal SC (Omdurman) 
1931         Al-Hilal (El-Obeid)
1933         Al-Ittihad (Wad Medani)
1934         Al-Nil (Khartoum)
1935 Nov  7  Burri SC (Khartoum)
1936         Jazirat Al-Fil (Wad Medani)
             Al-Nil (Shandi)
1937 Feb  5  Al-Hilal (Port Sudan)  
1938         Juba FC (Juba)
1941         Al-Merghani (Kassala)
1942         Al-Nsur (Omdurman)
1943         Al-Ahli FC (Shandi)
1946         Al-Amal (Atbara)
             Al-Merreikh SC (Al-Fashir)
1947         Al-Rabta SC (Kosti)  
1948         Al-Amir (Bahri)
             Al-Hilal (Nyala)
1950         Al-Khartoum SC                    [founded as Khartoum-3]
             Al-Watani SC (Khartoum)
1951         Al-Ahli (Atbara)
1954         Al-Merreikh (Kosti)
1956         Al-Ahli (Merowe)
1957         Al-Nil (Hasahisa)
             Al-Merreikh (Nyala)
1960         Traa Bedjah Club (Jabal al-Awliyah)
1962         Al-Hilal (Kaduqli)
1965         Wad Hashim SC (Sannar)
1970         Al-Taka (Kassala)
1973         Al-Kober SC (Khartoum)
1974         Al-Shimali (Atbara)
1977         Hay al-Wadi (Nyala) 

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