Somalia - List of Foundation Dates

1911         Alba FC (Mogadishu)   
1929         Comando Marina (Mogadishu)   
193?         AS Mogadiscio                        [founded as AC Mogadiscio]
1942         Gaadiidka FC Auto Parco (Mogadishu) 
1947         AC Bondhere (Mogadishu)              [aka Bondere; founded as Somali Youth League]
1948 Jan  3  LLPP Jeenyo (Mogadishu)              [aka United; founded as Lavori Publici] 
1950         Heegan FC (Mogadishu)                [founded as Somali Police FC]
1963         Mogadishu City Club (Mogadishu)      [founded as Bundheere]
1970         Dahabshiil (Burao)
1971         Batroolka FC (Mogadishu)
             Horseed FC (Mogadishu)               [founded as Army FC] 
1973         Dekedaha Naadigo (Mogadishu)
1991         Midnimo FC (Mogadishu)
1992         Bhariga Dhexe FC (Afgoye)
             Savaana FC (Mogadishu)
1993         Banadir SC (Mogadishu)               [founded as Conis; renamed Mogadishu City Club 2019]
             Elman FC (Mogadishu)
1994         Rajo FC
1999         Jazeera SC (Mogadishu)               [founded as Mogadishu United]
             Raadsan FC (Mogadishu)               [founded as Kesco SC]
             FC Muqdisho (Mogadishu) 
2011         Badbaado FC (Mogadishu)   

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