Spain - List of Second Division B Champions 1928-2023
           - List of 1ª RFEF 2021-

Segunda División B is the third level of the Spanish football league system. It is administered by the RFEF. The top two levels are La Liga, also referred to as the Primera División, and the Segunda División.
Immediately below Segunda División B is the Tercera Division. Among the teams playing in the division during the 2007/08 season are Real Unión, who were founding members of La Liga.
The division also includes the reserve teams of several La Liga teams including Real Madrid Castilla, Atlético Madrid B, Bilbao Athletic, Deportivo B, Racing de Santander B,
Sporting de Gijón B, Barcelona Atlètic, Osasuna B, Villarreal CF B, Valencia CF Mestalla, Real Sociedad B (Sanse), Real Valladolid B and Real Betis B.

Segunda División B currently features 80 teams divided into 4 groups of 20. The top four teams from each group, 16 teams in total, qualify for play-offs to determine which four teams will replace the four teams relegated from the Liga Adelante. However reserve teams are only eligible for promotion to the Liga Adelante if their senior team is in the Liga BBVA. The top five teams from each group and best two teams regardless of group outside the previous twenty, excluding reserve teams, also qualify for the following seasons Copa del Rey. The bottom four teams in each league are relegated to the Tercera División. Also, the four 16th-placed teams enter into a relegation playoff to determine the two teams to be relegated. One team is paired with one of the others in home and away series. the two winners remain in the division while the losers are relegated. A reserve team can also be relegated if their senior team is relegated from the Liga Adelante. Along with teams from the Tercera División, teams from the division also compete in the Copa Federación.

Beginning with the 2008-09 season, the four group winners will have the opportunity to be promoted directly and be named the overall Segunda División B champion. The four group winners will be drawn into a two-legged series where the two winners will be promoted to the Liga Adelante and enter into the final for the Segunda División B championship. The two losing semifinalists enter the playoff round for the last two promotion spots.

The four group runners-up will be drawn against one of the three fourth-placed teams outside their group while the four third-placed teams are drawn against one another in a two-legged series. The six winners advance with the two losing semifinalists to determine the four teams that will enter the last two-legged series for the last two promotion spots. In all the playoff series, the lower-ranked club plays at home first. Whenever the is a tie in position (e.g. like the group winners in the Semifinal Round and Final or the third-placed teams in the first round), a draw will determine the club to play at home first.

Since the 2008/09 season, the new system to decide the absolute champion was implemented. After playing each other the four champions of the four groups, the two winners of their promotion to the Spanish Second Division face each other a round-trip round to decide the absolute champion of the category.

In 2020, the Royal Spanish Football Federation announced the creation of three new divisions, two semi-professional and one amateur:[1] the Primera División RFEF as the new third tier of the Spanish system;[2] the Segunda División RFEF as the new fourth tier, broadly using the same format as the Segunda División B created in 1977; and the Tercera División RFEF as the fifth tier, along the same lines as the Tercera División from 1977 whereby groups are limited to teams from each of the nation's autonomous communities and is administered by a local body.

The RFEF First Division will be made up of a total of 40 clubs divided into two groups of 20 teams distributed by geographical proximity. In its first season, 4 teams will be relegated from the Segunda División (La Liga 2) and the remaining will come from the Segunda División B.[3]

Like the other Spanish divisions, it will take place annually, beginning at the end of August or early September, and ending in May or June of the following year. The twenty teams in each group will play each other twice, home and away, for a total of thirty-eight matches. At the end of the season, the seven teams that accumulate the most points in each group, excluding reserve teams, qualify for the next edition of the Copa del Rey. At the end of the season a total of four teams will be promoted to the second tier with the champions in each group achieve automatic promotion to Segunda División. The second to fifth place teams will play promotion play-offs to the second division, where two of eight teams win the play-offs will promoted to Segunda División. The bottom five in each division will be relegated to the fourth tier.

Nº Year 	Group I 		Group II 		Group III 		Group IV 
 1 1929    Cultural Leonesa 		None 			None 			None 
   1930-77   Not held		  	Not held		  Not held		  Not held
 2 1977-78 Racing Club Ferrol 		AD Almería 		None 			None 
 3 1978-79 Palencia CF			Levante UD 		None 			None 
 4 1979-80 Barakaldo CF			Linares CF		None 			None 
 5 1980-81 RC Celta de Vigo		RCD Mallorca 		None 			None 
 6 1981-82 FC Barcelona B 		Xerez CD 		None 			None 
 7 1982-83 Athletic de Bilbao B 	Granada CF 		None 			None 
 8 1983-84 CE Sabadell 			Lorca CF 		None 			None 
 9 1984-85 Sestao SC			Rayo Vallecano 		None 			None 
10 1985-86 UE Figueres 			Xerez CD 		None 			None 
11 1986-87 CD Tenerife 			None 			None 			None 
12 1987-88 SD Eibar 			Real Zaragoza B 	UD Salamanca 		UD Alzira 
13 1988-89 Athletic de Bilbao B 	Palamós CF 		Atlético de Madrid B 	Levante UD
14 1989-90 Real Avilés 			UE Lleida 		Albacete Balompié 	Orihuela CF
15 1990-91 Real Madrid Castilla 	Racing Santander 	CD Badajoz 		FC Barcelona B 
16 1991-92 UD Salamanca 		UE Sant Andreu 		FC Cartagena 		Atlético Marbella 
17 1992-93 UD Salamanca 		CD Alavés 		Real Murcia 		UD Las Palmas 
18 1993-94 UD Salamanca 		CD Alavés 		UDA Gramenet 		CF Extremadura 
19 1994-95 Racing Club Ferrol 		CD Alavés 		Levante UD 		Córdoba CF
20 1995-96 UD Las Palmas 		Sporting de Gijón B 	Levante UD		Real Jaén CF
21 1996-97 Sporting de Gijón B 		CD Aurrerá de Vitoria 	Gimnàstic Tarragona 	Córdoba CF
22 1997-98 CP Cacereño 			Barakaldo CF 		FC Barcelona B 		Málaga CF
23 1998-99 Getafe CF 			Cultural Leonesa 	Levante UD 		UD Melilla 
24 1999-00 Universidad Las Palmas  	RSG Torrelavega 	CF Gandía 		Granada CF
25 2000-01 Atlético de Madrid B 	Burgos CF 		UDA Gramenet 		Cádiz CF
26 2001-02 Barakaldo CF 		FC Barcelona B 		Real Madrid B 		Motril CF
27 2002-03 Universidad Las Palmas  	Real Unión de Irún 	CD Castellón 		Algeciras CF 
28 2003-04 Pontevedra CF 		Atlético de Madrid B 	UE Lleida 		UD Lanzarote 
29 2004-05 Real Madrid Castilla 	SD Ponferradina 	Alicante CF 		Sevilla B 
30 2005-06 Universidad Las Palmas 	UD Salamanca 		CF Badalona 		FC Cartagena 
31 2006-07 Pontevedra CF 		SD Eibar 		Alicante CF 		Sevilla B 
32 2007-08 Rayo Vallecano 		SD Ponferradina 	Girona FC 		Écija Balompié 
33 2008-09 Real Unión de Irún		FC Cartagena 		CD Alcoyano 		Cádiz CF
34 2009-10 SD Ponferradina		AD Alcorcón		UE Sant Andreu		Granada CF
35 2010-11 CD Lugo			SD Eibar		CE Sabadell		Real Murcia
36 2011-12 Real Madrid Castilla		CD Mirandés		Atlético Baleares	Cádiz CF
37 2012-13 CD Tenerife			CD Alavés		CE l´Hospitalet		Real Jaén CF
38 2013-14 Racing de Santander		Sestao River		UE Llagostera		Albacete Balompié
39 2014-15 Real Oviedo			SD Huesca		Gimnàstic Tarragona	Cádiz CF
40 2015-16 Racing de Santander		Real Madrid Castilla	CF Reus Deportiu	UCAM Murcia CF
41 2016-17 Cultural Leonesa		Albacete Balompié	FC Barcelona B		La Hoya Lorca CF
42 2017-18 Rayo Majadahonda		CD Mirandés		RCD Mallorca		FC Cartagena
43 2018-19 CF Fuenlabrada		Racing de Santander	Atlético Baleares	Recreativo de Huelva
44 2019-20 CD Atlético Baleares		UD Logroñés		CD Castellón		FC Cartagena
45 2020-21 Burgos CF			Real Sociedad B		UD Ibiza		CD Badajoz
Nº Year 	Group I 		Group II
46 2021-22 Racing de Santander          FC Andorra 
47 2022-23 Racing Club de Ferrol	SD Amorebieta


 1 2008-09 Cádiz CF
 2 2009-10 Granada CF
 3 2010-11 Real Murcia
 4 2011-12 Real Madrid Castilla
 5 2012-13 CD Alavés
 6 2013-14 Albacete balompié
 7 2014-15 Real Oviedo
 8 2015-16 UCAM Murcia CF 
 9 2016-17 Cultural Leonesa
10 2017-18 RCD Mallorca
11 2018-19 CF Fuenlabrada
12 2019-20 * Not disputed (Covid-19)
13 2020-21 * Not disputed (Covid-19)
14 2021-22 Racing de Santander 		3-0 	FC Andorra
15 2022-23 SD Amorebieta		3-0 0-2 Racing Club de Ferrol

Number of Wins (Groups)

 5 Levante UD                     1978/79, 1987/88, 1994/95, 1995/96, 1997/98
   UD Salamanca	                  1987/88, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94, 2005/06
   FC Barcelona B	          1981/82, 1990/91, 1997/98, 2001/02, 2016/17
   FC Cartagena		          1991/92, 2005/06, 2008/09, 2017/18, 2019/20
   Real Racing club de Santander  1990/91, 2013/14, 2015/16, 2018/19, 2021/22

 4 Real Madrid Castilla           1990/91, 2004/05, 2011712, 2015/16
   CD Alavés		          1992/93, 1993/94, 1994/95, 2012/13
   Cádiz CF                       2000/01, 2008/09, 2011/12, 2014/15

 3 Racing Club de Ferrol	  1977/78, 1994/95, 2022/23
   Barakaldo CF			  1979/80, 1997/98, 2001/02
   SD Eibar                       1987/88, 2006/07, 2010/11
   Atlético de Madrid B		  1988/89, 2000/01, 2003/04
   Universidad de Las Palmas      1999/00, 2002/03, 2005/06
   SD Ponferradina		  2004/05, 2007/08, 2009/10
   Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa   1928/29, 1998/99, 2016/17
   Albacete Balompié		  1989/90, 2013/14, 2016/17
   CD Atlético Baleares		  2011/12, 2018/19, 2019/20 

 2 Athletic club de Bilbao B      1982/83, 1988/89
   Xerex CD		          1982/82, 1985/86
   Granada CF                     1982/83, 1999/00
   CE Sabadell		          1983/84, 2010/11
   Rayo Vallecano                 1984/85, 2007/08
   Sestao River (Sestao SC)       1984/85, 2013/14
   UE Lleida                      1989/90, 2003/04
   UE Sant Andreu                 1991/92, 2009/10
   UD Las Palmas                  1992/93, 1995/96
   Real Murcia CF	          1992/93, 2010/11
   UDA Gramenet                   1993/94, 2000/01
   Sporting de Gijón B            1995/96, 1996/97
   Córdoba CF                     1994/95, 1996/97
   Gimnàstic de Tarragona	  1996/97, 2014/15
   Pontevedra CF                  2003/04, 2006/07
   Real Unión de Irún             2002/03, 2008/09
   Alicante CF                    2004/05, 2006/07
   Sevilla FC B                   2004/05, 2006/07
   CD Tenerife                    1986/87, 2012/13
   RCD Mallorca                   1980/81, 2017/18
   CD Mirandés			  2011/12, 2017/18
   CD Castellón                   2002/03, 2019/20
   CD Badajoz			  1990/91, 2020/21
   Burgos CF			  2000/01, 2020/21
   Linares CF			  1979/80, 2020/21 (Linares Deportivo)

 1 UD Almeria			  1977/78
   Palencia CF			  1978/79
   RC Celta de Vigo	          1980/81
   Lorca CF                       1983/84
   UE Figueres                    1985/86
   Real Zaragoza B                1987/88
   UD Alzira                      1987/88
   Palamós CF                     1988/89
   Real Avilés Industrial         1989/90
   Orihuela CF                    1989/90
   Atlético Marbella		  1991/92
   CF Extremadura                 1993/94
   CD Aurrerá de Vitoria          1996/97
   CP Cacereño                    1997/98
   Málaga CF		 	  1997/98
   UD Melilla			  1998/99
   Getafe CF                      1998/99
   RSG Torrelavega                1999/00
   CF Gandía                      1999/00
   Motril CF			  2001/02
   Algeciras CF			  2002/03
   UD Lanzarote                   2003/04
   CF Badalona                    2005/06
   Écija Balompié                 2007/08
   CD Alcoyano                    2008/09
   AD Alcorcón		          2009/10
   Granada CF			  2009/10
   CD Lugo			  2010/11
   CE l´Hospitalet		  2012/13
   Real Jaén CF                   2012/13
   UE Llagostera		  2013/14
   Real Oviedo			  2014/15
   SD Huesca			  2014/15
   CF Reus Deportiu		  2015/16
   UCAM Murcia CF		  2015/16
   La Hoya Lorca CF		  2016/17
   CF Fuenlabrada                 2018/19
   Recreativo de Huelva           2018/19
   UD Logroñés			  2019/20
   Real Sociedad B		  2020/21
   UD Ibiza			  2020/21
   FC Andorra                     2021/22 
   SD Amorebieta		  2022/23
Number of Wins (Absolute Champions)
 1 Cádiz CF		          2008/09
   Granada CF	                  2009/10
   Real Murcia		          2010/11
   Real Madrid Castilla           2011/12
   CD Alavés		          2012/13
   Albacete Balompié              2013/14    
   Real Oviedo                    2014/15
   UCAM Murcia CF 	          2015/16
   Cultural Leonesa	          2016/17
   RCD Mallorca                   2017/18
   CF Fuenlabrada                 2018/19
   Real Racing Club de Santander  2021/22 
   SD Amorebieta		  2022/23

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