Spain - Cup 1909

This tournament was played in Madrid.

Participating Clubs:
FC Barcelona 
Ciclista San Sebastián
Galicia de Vigo
Athletic de Bilbao
Español de Madrid


Preliminary Round
[Apr 4]
Athletic de Bilbao      2-4     Ciclista San Sebastián

[Apr 5]
Español de Madrid       3-2     FC Barcelona
[Apr 6]
Ciclista San Sebastián  2-0     Galicia de Vigo

Final [Apr 8]
Estadio O'Donnell, Madrid
Ciclista San Sebastián  3-1     Español de Madrid
  [Lacort, Mac Guinness (2); Kindelán]
  [Ref: Slose]
Ciclista: Bea, A. Sena, Arocena, Arreillaga, Ecevarría, Rodríguez,
          M. Sena, Lacort, Simmons, Mac Guinness, Biriben 
Español: Lemmel, Carruana, Méndez, M. Yarza, Kindelán, Heredia, 
         A. Giralt, J. Giralt, Neyra, Morales, Rodríguez

Overview of Finals



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