Spain - Cup 1911

Played in Bilbao.

Participating Clubs:
Real Sociedad
Sociedad Gimnástica Española de Madrid
Athletic de Bilbao    
Español de Barcelona  
Fortuna de Vigo     
RC Deportivo (La Coruña)
FC Barcelona
Racing de Irún
Academia de Artillería 
Academia de Caballería de Valladolid
Academia de Ingenieros 
Academia de Infantería 

Before the start of the tournament, Real Sociedad, RC Deportivo and 
Academia de Ingenieros withdrew.


First Round 
[Apr 9]
Athletic de Bilbao      2-0     Fortuna de Vigo
Bilbao                  2-1     Academia de Artillería

[Apr 10]
Español de Barcelona    6-0     Academia de Infantería
Academia de Caballería  1-0     Racing de Irún
[Apr 12]
FC Barcelona            4-0     Sociedad Gimnástica Española  
Athletic de Bilbao      4-1     Bilbao

FC Barcelona were disqualified.

[Apr 14]
Athletic de Bilbao      2-0 *   Sociedad Gimnástica Española
  [Sociedad Gimnástica Española withdrew at halftime]
Español de Barcelona    w/o     Academia de Caballería
  [Academia de Caballería withdrew]

NB: there were many incidents, in particular protests against fielding
    foreign players, and withdrawals from the competition. 

Final [Apr 15]
Estadio Jolaseta, Bilbao
Athletic de Bilbao      3-1     Español de Barcelona
  [Zuazo, Guernica, Smith; scorer Español unknown]
  [Ref: Martyr]
Athletic: Astorquia, Arzuaga, Allenda, Yza, J.M. Belauste, Mendiola,
          R. Belauste, Zuazo, Guernica, Veith, Smith 
Español: Gilbert, A. Massana, Alvárez, Heredia, S.Massana, Buylla, 
         Barenys, Giralt, Neyra, Castillo, Sempere

Overview of Finals



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