Saint Kitts and Nevis 2001/02

Premier Division Start: Sep 23

(Championship start was postponed until St. Paul's United protest against their
 relegation had been settled; on Sep 12 they were demoted to Division 1.  Only
 a revision by the Olympic Committee might reverse this decision.  However, on
 Oct 31, the Supreme Court ordered 'that the St. Paul's United Football Club be 
 fixtured in the Premier League or until further order by the court.') 

Pre-Season Match ? [Sep 23]
Cayon Rockets   1-1     Garden Hotspurs

Round 1
Garden Hotspurs 3-0     Village Superstars

Round 2 [Oct 18]
Garden Hotspurs 4-2     Newtown

Round 3 [Nov 11]
Garden Hotspurs 3-0     St. Paul's

 1.Garden Hotspurs   3  3  0  0 10- 2  9

[Feb 23]
Garden Hotspurs 2-0     Village Cokes
[Feb 24]
New Town        2-0     St. Paul's
Cayon Rockets   5-2     St. Peter's

NB: Garden Hotspurs claimed first place in the regular season for the third 
    consecutive season; they were founded in 1962 and have played in every
    tournament since, making them the longest playing club at St. Kitts

Final Four:
 1.Garden Hotspurs 
   Village Cokes
   Cayon Rockets
   New Town


Round 1
Cayon Rockets   bt      Village Superstars
Garden Hotspurs bt      Newtown United

Round 2 
Garden Hotspurs 0-2     Cayon  Rockets
Village S.      2-2     Newtown United

Round 3
Newtown United   -      Cayon Rockets
Village S.       -      Garden Hotspurs 

Garden Hotspurs and Cayon Rockets qualified for best of three finals.


First Leg [Mar 18]
Garden Hotspurs 0-0     Cayon Rockets           [aet, 2-3 pen]

Second Leg [Mar 21]
Cayon Rockets   3-0     Garden Hotspurs

Cayon Rockets win first ever championship.  They are also the first club
from outside the capital Basseterre to win the title.

Relegated: Blackburns FC and St. Peter's FC 

First Division (second level)

[Sep 23]
Travel World Jets       1-1     Saddlers U.

[Oct 8]
St. Paul's United        -      Trafalgar South Stars
NB: St. Paul's later admitted to first level

Top Final Table Regular Season

 1.KFC Strikers (Trinidad/St. Thomas)
 2.Saddlers United [5 points behind]

Strikers and Saddlers play a best-of-3 series for promotion, won
by Strikers (called National Bank Strikers 2002/03)

Regional Championship

19th St. Thomas/Trinity National Bank Football League

[Aug 12]
Falcons U.      4-0     Ghetto Stars
[Aug 16]
Old Road        6-1     Challengers Elders FC
[Aug 19]
MI Masters      1-1     African Rocks
Lamberts AC     1-2     Ghetto Stars
[Sep 6]
Falcons U.      8-0     Elders FC
[Sep 8]
MI Masters      5-1     Elders FC
[Sep 9]
Ghetto Stars    3-1     Old Road



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