Sint Maarten 1975/76

NB: first official league championship;
    Flamingo were a club from Saint-Martin (French part of
      the island);
    in 1970 two clubs (A.R.C. and Shell) had played in the
      league of Saint-Martin; A.R.C. continued to do so
      until at least 1973.

[Jan 24,25, 1976]
S.A.S.          3-0 Shell
Organized Youth 2-0 P.S.V.
Flamingo        4-3 Ennia
  [this match earned a special note as it was the first time
   since weeks that a match was led by a referee AND two
   linesmen; the three apparently had several disagreements]
A.R.C.          bye

Points Table (Feb 14, 1976):

 1.P.S.V.               11  16  [Politie Sport Vereniging]
 2.S.A.S. (Simpsonbay)  10  14
 3.Flamingo             10  13  [from Saint-Martin]
 4.A.R.C.               10  11  [Antillian Racing Club]
 5.Organized Youth      10   8
 6.Ennia                11   6
 7.Shell                10   4

Topscorers (as of Feb 7): Chumaliau (S.A.S.) 15 goals

Reported Final Table (Feb 24):

 1.P.S.V.               12  17  Champions  [Politie Sport Vereniging]
 2.S.A.S. (Simpsonbay)  12  16
 3.A.R.C.               12  13  [Antillian Racing Club]
 4.Flamingo             12  13  [from Saint-Martin]
 5.Organized Youth      12   9
 6.Shell                12   8
 7.Ennia                12   6

NB: total amount of points 2 short of that expected from 
    total number of matches; possibly one match not played
    or declared loss for both clubs involved.


NB: played March/April 1976

S.A.S.          1-1 Organized Youth [1-3 pen]
Shell           1-1 Ennia           [3-2 pen]
A.R.C.          0-3 P.S.V.
Flamingo bye

Organized Youth w/o Flamingo        [Flamingo disqualified]
P.S.V.          3-1 Shell

P.S.V.          2-1 Organized Youth

list of champions


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