K.S.C. (Curaçao) tour of Surinam 1947

K.S.C. (Katholieke Sport Centrale) were a catholic sports federation on Curaçao, and as such a rival for the official F.I.F.A. members on the island, the C.V.B. Shortly after the pre-war N.G.V.B., also a catholic organisation, had been refounded in Paramaribo in July 1947, the K.S.C. were invited to play a number of football matches there.
Their three matches against the N.G.V.B. selection were for a cup offered by beer brewers Heineken, who provided a number of cups for football matches in Paramaribo over the years, but always as one-off events and not as part of a series.
During their stay in Paramaribo, the K.S.C. team were invited by the T.A.F.A. to play a match in Trinidad (on Sep 9) but after an additional request by the T.A.F.A. to stay until Sep 12 and play several matches (in order to cover the costs), the K.S.C. team had to decline as players did not have leave from work to stay away longer and thus risked losing their jobs; they therefore returned directly to Curaçao.
Matches part of the celebrations of the birthday of Koningin Wilhelmina.

28- 8-1947 M.Y.O.B.        0-2 K.S.C.
29- 8-1947 Leo Victor      2-0 K.S.C.
31- 8-1947 N.G.V.B.        2-2 K.S.C.          [first match Heineken Cup]
 1- 9-1947 Blauw Wit       1-0 K.S.C.
 3- 9-1947 N.G.V.B.        3-3 K.S.C.          [second match Heineken Cup]
 4- 9-1947 Home Guard      1-3 K.S.C.
 5- 9-1947 Olympia         2-1 K.S.C.
 7- 9-1947 N.G.V.B.        3-0 K.S.C.          [third match Heineken Cup] 


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Sources: Amigoe di Curaçao, Het Nieuws, De West

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