Swaziland (eSwatini) - Foundation Dates of Clubs

1948   Mbabane Swallows FC (Mbabane)
1952   Mbabane Highlanders FC (Mbabane)
1957   Manzini Wanderers FC (Manzini)                         [founded as Shooting Stars; renamd Manzini
1962   Mhlambanyatsi Rovers FC (Mhlambanyatsi)                 Wanderers in 1959 influenced by Wolves]
       Mhlume Peacemakers (Mhlume)                            [merged 1981 with Mhlume FC to Mhlume United FC]
1963   Black Swallows FC (Pigg's Peak)
1967   Moneni Pirates FC (Manzini)                            [on Sep 16]
       Milling Hotspurs FC
1975   Kwaluseni Rebels FC
1977   CK Survivors (Siteki)                                  [founded as Eleven Men in Flight FC]
1979   Royal Leopards FC (Simunye)
1981   Mhlume United FC (Mhlume)                              [merger of Mhlume Peacemakers and Mhlume FC;
1982   Young Buffaloes FC (Matsapha)                           merged 2005 with Simunye FC to RSSC United FC]
1983   Colani United
1985   Denver Sundowns FC (Manzini)                           [temporarily known as Manzini Sundowns FC]
1986   Midas Mbabane City FC (Mbabane)
1987   Green Mamba FC (Big Bend)
       Manzini Sea Birds (Manzini)
1988   Hellenic FC (Manzini)                                  [founded as Hellenic City Stars FC]
1990   Manchester United FC (Mshingishingini)
2001   Vento Umoya FC (Mbabane)                               [dissolved 2008]
2002   Illovo FC (Simunye)
2004   Umbelebele Jomo Cosmos FC (Mbabane)                    [merger of Umbelebele FC (Mhlume) and Jomo Cosmos FC]
2005   Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation United FC (Mhlume)   [merger of Mhlume United FC and Simunye FC]
2016   Matsapha United (Matsapha)

Women Club Foundation Dates

1987   Kappa Ladies FC (Mbabane)
1997   Madelezini Happy Girls                                 [on Mar 3]

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