Tahiti - List of Foundation Dates


1923 Jan 29 AS Les Jeunes Tahitiens (Pirae)    [founded as AS Tamarii Tahiti; renamed Jeunes Tahitiens 1926;
                                                moved from Papeete to Pirae in 1973]
            AS Fei-Pi (Papeete)
1926 Jan  3 AS Z'Alamort
            AS Vaiete (Pirae)
1933 May 11 AS Tefana (Faa'a)
            AS Tamarii Punaruu (Puna'auia)
1938        AS Central-Sport (Papeete)
1940 Dec 25 AS Excelsior (Papeete)    
1942        CAICT (Papeete) [*]               [dissolved 1945]  
1945 Dec 28 AS Vénus (Mahina)   
1948 Jun 13 AS Pirae (Pirae)                  [founded as CA Pirae; renamed AS Pirae 1970]
1953        AS Manu Ura (Paea)  
1960 Oct 18 AS Aorai (Papeete)
1961        Racing Club de Tahiti (Papeete)
1965        AS Arue (Arue)
1968        AS Dragon (Papeete)
1973 Oct 10 AS Roniu (Papeete)                [merged 2015 with AS Vairao to AS Taiarapu FC]
1977 Nov  9 AS Phénix (Punaauia)  
1995        AS Tamarii (Faa'a)
1999        AS Tropic 
            AS Vairao (Vairao)                [merged 2015 with AS Roniu to AS Taiarapu FC]
2003        AS Olympic (Mahina)
2015        AS Taiarapu FC (Vairao)           [merger of AS Vairao and AS Roniu] 

[*] CAICT = Compagnie Autonome d'Infanterie Cooloniale de Tahiti

Marquesas Islands

1979 Dec 13 AS St. Etienne Jeunes (Hakahau)   [Ua Pou]  


1935        AS Tamarii Tapuhute (Ha'apiti) 
1949        AS Mira (Papetoai)
1962        AS Tamarii Temanava (Ma'atea)
1968        AS Tiaré Anani
            AS Tiare Tahiti (Paopao) 
2006        AS Tearaa Tahiti (Afareaitu)   


NB: all clubs listed below are from the island of Tubuai

Year        club (village)         [colour]
1942        Toerau (Mataura)       [red]
1942        Toraura (Taahueia)     [blue]
 ?          Narai (Mahu)           [green]
1972        FSE                               (association scolaire du collège)
1981        JST                               (mormons)
1987        Manate                            (sanitos)
1992        Hapatua                           (adventists)

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