Tajikistan - List of Foundation Dates

1937    Dinamo (Dushanbe)         
1938    FK Istaravshan (Istaravshan)       [founded as Spartak Istaravshan]   
1947    CSKA Dushanbe                      [founded as ODO Stalinabad; merged 2007 
                                            with SKA Pomir Dushanbe to CSKA Pomir Dushanbe)
1950    CSKA Pomir (Dushanbe)              [founded as Bolshevik Dushanbe; merged 2007 
                                            with CSKA Dushanbe to CSKA Pomir Dushanbe]   
        FK Hosilot (Farxor)                [founded as Farxor FK; dissolved 2017]
        FK Regar-TadAZ (Tursunzade)        [founded as FK Metallurg Tursunsoda]
1955    Lokomotiv-Pomir (Dushanbe)         [founded as Lokomotiv; merged 2017 with FK Pomir]  
1958    FK Sitora (Dushanbe)               [dissolved 1997] 
1960    FK Khatlon (Bokhtar)               [founded as FK Vahsh (Qurghonteppa)] 
1965    FK Ravshan (Kulob)                 [founded as FK Ansol Kulyab]
1969    FK Kand (Kanibodom)                [founded as Ittigator Kanibadam]
1970    FK Chashma (Shahritus)
1973    FK Pandzhsher (Balkh)              [founded as Trud Kolhozabad]
1976    FK Hujand (Hujand)                 [founded as FK Chujand Leninabad]   
1981    FK Zaravshon (Pandshakent)
1992    FK Saikhun (Hujand)                [dissolved 1993]
        FK Hulbuk (Vose)                   [founded as FK Ranjbar Vose]
1995    FK Dynamo (Dushanbe)               [presumably unrelated to 1937 club]
1996    FK Varzob (Dushanbe)
1999    Tajik Telekom (Qurghonteppa)
2001    FK Parvoz (Bobojon Gafurov)        [founded as FK Aviator Chkalovsk]     
2006    FK Barki Tajik (Dushanbe)          [founded as FK Energetik]  
2007    FK Guardia (Dushanbe)              [dissolved 2012]
        FK Istiqlol (Dushanbe)             [in Nov]
2009    FK Xayr (Vahdat)
2011    FK Daleron-Uruteppa (Istravshan)   [founded as FK Darleron Istravshan]
        FC Kuktos (Rudaki)
2016    FK Ravshan (Zafarobod)
2018    FK Fajzkand (Vose)  

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