Tammouz International Championship 1973 (Baghdad)

Played in July 1973 (Tammouz is Arabic for July) to commemorate the July 14th (1958) and July 17th (1968) revolutions. The tournament was also referred to as the "July Celebration Friendship Tournament 1973".

The Iraqi team was the full national team (though it may have played as 'Army', which was the same team). None of the matches are full internationals, but the exact identity of Eastern European teams (youth, olympic or military teams, league selections or club teams) is unclear. Any additional information on that is welcomed by the author.

All matches at Al-Shaab Stadium, Baghdad.

NB: all the teams were reported as military selections; the Soviet Union
    was represented by SKA Odessa.

14-Jul-73 Iraq Military     0-0 Czechoslovakia Military
15-Jul-73 Soviet Union M.   2-0 Bulgaria Military
17-Jul-73 Iraq Military     3-1 Soviet Union Military    
18-Jul-73 Czechoslovakia M. 2-0 Bulgaria Military
20-Jul-73 Czechoslovakia M. 1-0 Soviet Union Military
21-Jul-73 Iraq Military     5-2 Bulgaria Military        

Final Table:

 1.Iraq              3  2  1  0  8- 3  5
 2.Czechoslovakia XI 3  2  1  0  3- 0  5
 3.Soviet Union XI   3  1  0  2  3- 4  2
 4.Bulgaria XI       3  0  0  3  2- 9  0

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