Tonga 2000

Pre-season Tournament Tongatapu 2000

Known results:

[Mar 18]
Lotoha'apai     7-0     Fangalote
Vaolongolongo   1-0     Manuka
'Akau           1-0     Ha'ateiko
Ha'atafu        5-1     Hofoa
Kumifonua       1-0     Touliki
Ma'ufanga       1-0     Veitongo
Navutoka        8-1     Houmakelikao
Nukunuku        3-2     Foeui
Kolofo'ou       5-1     Popua
[Mar 20]
Navutoka	5-1	Popua
Manuka	        5-2	Nukunuku

Winners: Navutoka
Winners losers pool: Manuka

Inter-club season to start June 13

Champions: Lotoha'apai 



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