Toulouse - Friendly Tournaments

Played at Stadium Municipal in Toulouse (France); organised by US Toulouse.


1979 Bayern München
1980 AS Saint-Etienne


[June 5 and 6]

AS Saint-Etienne 	3-1 SK Beveren
  [Larios 55pen 66, Zimako 86; Schoenberger 79]
Saint-Etienne: Curkovic; Janvion, Piazza, López, Farizon; Larios,
               Santini, Elie, Rocheteau, Repellini, Zimako.
SK Beveren:    Pfaff; Jasper, Buy, Van genechten, Baecke; Schoenberger,
               Cluytens, Hofkens; Truyfens, Albert, Weinrauch.

Bayern München	 	w/o FC Barcelona		
  [Krankl 0-1, Oblak 1-1; Barcelona walked off after a penalty claimed
   by Bio was refused them]
B. München:    Maier; Augenthaler (Pfluger), Niedermayer, Schwarzenbeck, Horsmann; 
               Oblak, Breitner, Kappelmann; Reisinger, Janzon, Dürnberger.
FC Barcelona:  Artola; De la Cruz, Olmo, Costas, Zuviría; Neeskens, 
               Sánchez, Asensi; Heredia (Bio), Krankl, Rexach (Carrasco). 

Third place match
FC Barcelona 		2-1 SK Beveren
  [Asensi 85, Carrasco 86; Albert 53]
FC Barcelona:  Mora; Ramos, Costas (De la Cruz), Olmo, Manolo; Neeskens (Zubiría), 
               Tarrés, Asensi; Esteban, Heredia (Bio), Carrasco.
SK Beveren:    Pfaff; Jaspers (Van Goeten), van Genechten, Buy, Verhoosel; Hofkens, 
               Schoenberger; Cluytens, Albert (Truyens), Lisazo, Weinrauch (Peersman).

BAYERN MÜNCHEN 		1-1 AS Saint-Etienne		[5-4 pen]
  [Breitner 35; Repellini 16]
B. München:    Maier; Gruber, Schwarzenbeck, Horsmann, Pflüger; Niedermayer, 
               Breitner, Oblak; Rummenigge, Janzon (Reisinger), Dürnberger.
Saint Etienne: Curkovic; Janvion, Piazza, López, Farisson (Lacombe); Larios, Santini, 
               Elle; Rocheteau (Borel), Repellini (Saramagna), Zimako.


Romania 		1-1 Toulouse FC 		[3-2 pen]
  [Multescu 19; Albert 65]
AS Saint-Etienne 	2-2 Borussia Mönchengladbach	[4-2 pen]
  [Roussey 42 75; Nielsen 44, Nickel 46]
Third place match
Bor.Mönchengladbach 	3-1 Toulouse FC
  [Nickel 22, Hannes 26, Ringels 64; Maier 31]
  [Zimako 17, Roussey 71; Ionescu 39] 

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