Unione Sportiva Triestina - Short Historical Overview 1918-1960

Unione Sportiva Triestina
City: Trieste Italy
Colours: red with a badge (an halberd and a star) /white/red

Current position: Italian Championship Serie B 2003-2004.

Trieste (Triest in German or Trst in Slovene) formerly was the main
austro-hungarian harbour (before the Great War). In the period between 1900
and 1915 many teams had been playing football in the city. Some were
Gymnastics' Societies like Edera, born in 1904, others were more Soccer's
related like CS Ponziana (1912) or FBC Trieste.
When the war was over, in December, 18th of 1918, Ponziana and Trieste
merged in Unione Sportiva (US) Triestina. The first Soccer's field was the
courtyard of the military barracks Caserma G. Oberdan, then substituted
(1919) by a field in Muggia near Trieste.

1920-21 III Division Group Trieste winner with 4 pts. Quarterfinals 4th with
        1 pt.: eliminated. Started works for the new Stadium in Montebello 

1921-22 III Division Coppa Giulia FIGC 5th with 15 pts. the same as
        Monfalconese. Lost the playoff.

1922-23 III Division Venezia Giulia third with 11 pts

1923-24 III Division Venezia Giulia 4th with 17 pts. Admitted to the II
        Division after a Preliminary Group with Edera, Monfalconese, 
        Pro Gorizia, Grion Pola, Ponziana. Semifinals in Venezia: 
        Triestina- Bentegodi 3-2; Final in Venezia: Triestina-Pro Gorizia 1-0.

1924-25 II Division North Group D 8th with 14 pts.

1925-26 II Division North Group D 6th with 18 pts. like Vicenza, Gorizia ed
        Edera. Promoted for the best GD.

1926-27 I Division Group B third with 24 pts. Admitted to a new I Division
        (second level)

1927-28 I Division Group A 4th with 21 pts. Promoted to the Division

1928-29 Division Nazionale Group A 9th with 29 pts. Admitted to the Serie A.

1929-30 Serie A 16th with 28 pts.

1930-31 Serie A 14th with 25 pts. A new Stadium was opened in Valmaura
        district, the Stadio Littorio with 23.000 seats. It substituted the 
        old Montebello's field. In October 1943 the Stadium took the name of
        Comunale and in 1967 "Pino Grezar" Stadium (an Istrian player who 
        played for the "Great Torino and died in the air-crash of Superga, 
        1949), but was always known as "Valmaura". Today has the name of 
        "Nereo Rocco", old Triestina's player and famous Italian coach-manager.

1931-32 Serie A 14th with 27 pts.

1932-33 Serie A 9th with 34 pts.

1933-34 Serie A 11th with 30 pts.

1934-35 Serie A 11th with 27 pts.

1935-36 Serie A 6th with 32 pts.

1936-37 Serie A 12th with 26 pts.

1937-38 Serie A 7th with 36 pts.

1938-39 Serie A 14th with 24 pts.

1939-40 Serie A 12th with 26 pts.

1940-41 Serie A 9th with 29 pts.

1941-42 Serie A 8th with 29 pts.

1942-43 Serie A 13th with 24 pts.

1943-44 "Alta Italia" Championship Tournament of "V Zona Venezia Giulia"
        second with 19 pts, admitted to the Finals. Finali Interzonali 
        Group B third with 2 pts.

1944-46 Stop for II World War. Claimed admission to the Serie A.

1945-46 Serie A Group North 8th with 23 pts.

1946-47 Serie A 18th with 18 pts. Relegated and then readmitted for political 
        reward. The territory of Trieste was claimed by the Jugoslav
        Government while divided into Zones A (Trieste - under Allied Control)
        and B (Istria - under Jugoslav Control). Many riots occurred in that 
        difficult time. Triestina were readmitted to the Serie A by decision 
        of the FIGC Council in Perugia, considering political events which 
        caused to the Team an irregular Tournament (the Army Military
        Government - AMG - refused to grant the possibility to play some 
        matches at home).

1947-48 Serie A second with 49 pts. It was the best Tournament of US

1948-49 Serie A 8th with 38 pts.

1949-50 Serie A 8th with 40 pts.

1950-51 Serie A 15th with 30 pts.

1951-52 Serie A 17th with 32 pts.

1952-53 Serie A 15th with 30 pts.

1953-54 Serie A 12th with 28 pts.

1954-55 Serie A 11th with 30 pts.

1955-56 Serie A 16th with 30 pts.

1956-57 Serie A 17th with 29 pts. relegated to Serie B.

1957-58 Serie B winner with 47 pts. promoted to Serie A.

1958-59 Serie A 17th with 23 pts. relegated to Serie B.

1959-60 Serie B 4th with 46 pts.

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