Turkey - List of Ankara League Champions

List of Turkish Champions.
List of İstanbul League Champions.
List of İzmir League Champions.

Ankara League Final Tables.

1922      Talimgâh
1923      Harbiye
Foundation of the Turkish Football Federation                  
1924      Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü
1925      Muhafızgücü
1926      Muhafızgücü
1926-27   Muhafızgücü
1927-28   Muhafızgücü
1929      Muhafızgücü
1930      Gençlerbirliği
1930-31   Muhafızgücü
1931-32   Gençlerbirliği
1932-33   Gençlerbirliği
1934      Çankaya
1934-35   Gençlerbirliği
1935-36   Ankaragücü
1936-37   Ankaragücü
1937-38   Harbiye
1938-39   Ankara Demirspor
1939-40   Gençlerbirliği
1940-41   Gençlerbirliği
1941-42   Harp Okulu
1942-43   Ankara Demirspor
1943-44   Harp Okulu
1944-45   Harp Okulu
1945-46   Gençlerbirliği
1946-47   Ankara Demirspor
1947-48   Ankara Demirspor
1948-49   Ankaragücü
1949-50   Gençlerbirliği
1950-51   Gençlerbirliği
1951-52   Ankaragücü
1952-53   Havagücü
1953-54   Hacettepe
1954-55   none              [*]
Introduction of professional football
1955-56   Hacettepe
1956-57   Ankaragücü
1957-58   Hacettepe
1958-59   Ankara Demirspor

[*] In the 1954-55 season the league was played in two groups due to a conflict
    between the civilian and military clubs. Hacettepe won the civilian group
    while Karagücü won the military group. Due to the conflict no championship
    final was contested by the two group winners and as a result no official
    champion was declared that year.

NB: Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü became Ankaragücü.
    Harbiye became Harp Okulu.

NB: the regional championship continued to be played after 1959, but following the introduction
    of a nationwide league it was not a first level competition anymore.

Number of titles (37)

 9 Gençlerbirliği

 6 Muhafızgücü
 6 Ankaragücü [includes Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü]

 5 Ankara Demirspor
 5 Harp Okulu

 3 Hacettepe

 1 Talimgâh
 1 Çankaya
 1 Havagücü

List of Turkish Champions.
List of İstanbul League Champions.
List of İzmir League Champions.

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