United States - Northwestern Senior League - List of Champions and Cup Winners

List of Champions and Cup Winners

        Champions                        Cup Winners 
1905/06 Seattle AFC   
1907    Tacoma
1908    Seattle AFC
1909    Tacoma AFC
1911    Tacoma AFC
1912    Black Diamond
1913    Black Diamond
1914    Carbonado
1915    Carbonado
1916    Tacoma AFC
1917    Skinner & Eddy
1918    Duthies
1919    Skinner & Eddy
1920    Carbonado                        Carbonado
1922    Maple Leafs  
1923    West Seattle                     Boeing Airplane Co.
1924    Todd Dry Dock
1925    Todd Dry Dock                    Tacoma AFC
1926    Newcastle                        Maple Leafs
1927    Todd Dry Dock                    Electro Dentists
1928    West Seattle                     West Seattle
1929    Carbonado                        Longview Timber Barons    
1930    Black Diamond                    Black Diamond
1931    Dr. Reid's Electros              Dr. Reid's Electros
1932    Pittson's Grocers                Dr. Reid's Electros 
1933    Black Diamond                    Piston Service
1934    Piston Service                   Dr. Reid's Electros
1935    Dr. Reid's United                Piston Service
1936    Westerman's Clothiers            Westerman's Clothiers and Dr. Reid's Electros [shared]
1937    Montag Vikings                   Montag Vikings
1938    German Society                   Gilt Top Beers
1939    Hemrich Brewing                  Montag Vikings
1940    Westerman's Clothiers            German Society
1941    Black Diamond                    Mrs. Wickman's Pies
1942    Mrs. Wickman's Pies              Ravensdale
1943    Roller Bowl                      Ravensdale
1944    Mrs. Wickman's Pies              Roller Bowl
1945    Italian Service Unit             Black Diamond and Mrs. Wickman's Pies [shared]      
1946    Mrs. Wickman's Pies              Mrs. Wickman's Pies
1947    Mrs. Wickman's Pies
1948    Mrs. Wickman's Pies              Black Diamond 
1949    Matheny & Bacon                  Matheny & Bacon
1950    Matheny & Bacon
1951    Vikings
1953    Buchan Bakers
1955    Buchan Bakers  
1957    Buchan Bakers
1959    Norselander Vikings      
1961    Seattle Hungarians
1962    Hungarians
1963    Loyal Realty Vikings
1964    Hungarians
1966    Hungarians
1967    Seattle Hungarians
1969    Hungarians
1972    Rainier Brewers    

Additional Data


Participating teams:
   Seattle AFC 
   Fort Lawton
   Tacoma AFC
NB: Port Blakely, though owing an active team, opts out.

Start Dec 28, 1905

Seattle AFC won the inaugural season undefeated after defeating Thistles 1-0
at Woodlands Park in their final match (Apr 1, 1906).


The Northwestern Association Football League was formed on Oct 30, 1910 with 7 clubs:
   Seattle Celtics
   Seattle Rangers
   Seattle Rainiers
   Seattle Shamrocks
   Tacoma AFC
   Port Blakely
Round 1
Rangers          5-1 Celtics
Tacoma           2-0 Rainiers


McMillan Cup

NB: first ever edition; played between 1913 and 1948.
5 participating teams:
   Black Diamond
   Fort Lawton's 14th Infantery
Final [Mar 30]
Rangers          1-0 Celtic 

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