American Cup 1888/89

Participating Teams (15):
Alma Cricket and Football Club (Newark)
Clark O.N.T. (Kearny)
Fall River East Ends
Fall River Olympics
Fall River Rovers
New York Amateur League
New York Thistle
Newark Caledonian
Paterson F.B.C.
Paterson Rangers
Pawtucket Free Wanderers
Providence Athletics
Tiffany Rovers (Newark)
Trenton F.B.C.
Trenton Rovers
Round 1
[Oct 20]
Paterson Rangers     w/o Amateur League
Trenton F.B.C.       1-3 Thistle
Providence Athletics 0-5 Free Wanderers
Trenton Rovers       1-1 Clark O.N.T.         
[Oct 27]
Fall River Rovers    7-0 East Ends
Caledonian           4-4 Tiffany Rovers 
Alma                 abd Paterson             [abandoned at 2-1 due to ball bursting]
Fall River Olympics  bye 

Round 1 Replays
Clark O.N.T.         w/o Trenton Rovers       
[Nov 6]
Alma                 3-0 Paterson
[Nov 24]
Caledonian           4-1 Tiffany Rovers
Round 2
[Nov 10]
Thistle              7-1 Paterson Rangers
[Nov 24]
Fall River Rovers    4-0 Olympics
[Dec 8]
Alma                 0-3 Caledonian
Free Wanderers       bye Clark O.N.T.         
Round 3
[Dec 25]
Thistle              4-5 Caledonian
[Jan 12]
Free Wanderers       1-2 Fall River Wanderers
Clark O.N.T.         bye
Semifinals [Mar 2]
Fall River Rovers    7-0 Clark O.N.T.
Caledonian           bye
Final [Apr 13]
Caledonian           0-4 Fall River Rovers


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