U.S.A. national team tour to Bermuda 1965

The United States national team visited Bermuda for warm weather training before its World Cup
qualifying matches vs Mexico and Honduras.  None of the matches in Bermuda are considered full
official internationals matches by the U.S.S.F. (then the U.S.S.F.A.), despite the fact that the
two matches vs the B.F.A. were matches between representative teams of national associations.

25- 2-65 Bermuda Football Association  1-5  U.S.A.   [HT 1-3]
           [David Landy / Ed Murphy x2, Willy Roy x2, Manuel Abaunza]
           [at National Sports Club Field, Middle Road, Devonshire Parish]

26- 2-65 Bermuda Football Union        2-3  U.S.A.   [HT 0-1]
           [Gladwin 'Bubba' Daniels, Cammaroto / Willy Roy, Walter Chyzowych, Alex Ely]
           [at BAA Field, Woodlands Road, Pembroke Parish]

28- 2-65 Young Men's Social Club       1-0  U.S.A.
           [Gladwin 'Bubba' Daniels]
           [at Somerset Cricket Club Ground, Sandys Parish]

 2- 3-65 Bermuda Football Association  1-4  U.S.A.   [HT 0-2]
           [Stan Young / Helmut Bicek pen, Ed Murphy, Walter Chyzowych x2]
           [at BAA Field, Woodlands Road, Pembroke Parish]

U.S.A. squad:
 Officials: Joe Barriskill (U.S.S.F.A. executive secretary), James McGuire (chairman
U.S.S.F.A. international committee)
 Manager: Géza Henni (New York)
 Coach: George Meyer (Chicago)
 Goalkeepers: Gary DeLong (San Francisco), Victor Gerley (New York)
 Fullbacks: Tibor Reszneki (New York), Andy Ciotka (New York), Bob Kehoe (St Louis)
 Halves: Alex Ely (Philadelphia), Adolf Bachmaier (Chicago), Fred Cameron (Los Angeles),
         Bayardo Abaunza (Los Angeles), Cornell Krieger (Chicago)
 Forwards: Al Zerhusen (Los Angeles), Peter Millar (New York), Ed Murphy (Chicago),
           Willy Roy (Chicago), Walter Chyzowych (New York), Manuel Abaunza (Los Angeles),
           Mike Noha (Chicago), Helmut Bicek (Los Angeles), Josef Pal (New York).

Bermuda Football Association teams (as announced in advance):
 First match (25-2-65):
  C.Burgess (Police), M.Caines (Y.M.S.C.), B.Swan (Wolves), J.Cabral (Nationals), A.Woollard (B.A.A.),
  W.Smith (Dock Hill), M.Furbert (Devonshire), I.Romaine (N.V.C.C.), D.Landy (Y.M.S.C.), D.Clarke (Casuals),
  Q.Ratteray (P.-H.C.).  Reserves: E.Jennings (D.R.C.), G.Trott (Wolves), M.Bowen (Y.M.S.C.),
  R.A.Simmons (D.R.C.V.), L.Smith (Somerset C.C.), S.DeSilva (Casuals), A.Wyatt (Police).
 Second match (2-3-65):
  D.Wainwright (Y.M.S.C.), A.Bean (Police), R.Knights (Wellington), C.Simmons (Y.M.S.C.),
  G.Daniels (Y.M.S.C.), G.Darrell (Wellington), C.Dill (Y.M.S.C.), D.Zuill (N.V.C.C.), C.Donald (Police),
  J.Roach (Y.M.S.C.), Q.Ratteray (P.-H.C.).  Reserves: K.Hayward (B.A.A.), V.Allen (N.V.C.C.),
  M.Bowen (Y.M.S.C.), R.A.Simmons (D.R.C.), S.DeSilva (Casuals), A.Wyatt (Police).

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