Vanuatu 2005

Port Vila Football League 2005

Premia Divisen (Premier Division)

Opening Tournament (sponsored by Apco Coating)
Round 1 [Feb 11]
Siaraga           1-1      Tupuji Imere
Tafea             3-1      Amical
Golden Star       2-0      Seveners United
Yatel             3-4      Westtan

Group Stage?
Golden Star       0-0      Tafea

Golden Star       bt       Tupuji Imere

Final [Mar 26]
Golden Star       1-0      Amical

Opening Tournament Winners: Erakor Golden Star 

Fes Divison (2nd level) Final
Pango Green Birds 3-1      Ifira Black Birds

Premier Division

[Oct 1]
Tupuji Imere      3-1      Amical FC
Golden Star       0-0      Tafea FC
Yatel             3-1      Westtan Verts
Westtan won against Golden Stars, Shepherds U. and Tupuji Imere 

[Oct 8]
Amical FC         1-0      Shepherds U.
Westtan Verts     1-4      Tafea FC
Sia Raga FC       1-1      Golden Stars 

Current Leaders: Tafea FC

[Nov 24]
Golden Star       2-1      Shepherds U.
Tafea FC          5-0      Redal  
[Dec 4]
Tafea FC          3-1      Golden Star 

Champions 2005: Tafea

Relegated: Seveners United

Division One

[Sep 28]
Kings U.          2-1      Pango Green Birds
[Oct 1]
North Efate U.    2-1      Ifira Black Birds
[Oct 8]
Kings U.          1-0      Cultures U.
Current Leaders: Kings U.

Promoted: North Efate FC, Ifira Black Birds

VFF Cup 2005

Southern Region


First Legs [Nov 5]
Tafea FC                 11-0       Sele United
Nipikinamu FC             0-0       Amical FC   

Second Legs [Nov 7]
Sele United               0-5       Tafea FC 
Amical FC                 0-2       Nipikinamu FC

Third Place Matches [Nov 9 and 12]
Sele United               4-8 agg   Amical FC

Final [Nov 9 and 12]
Tafea FC                  7-0 agg   Nipikinamu FC
NB: Nipikinamu FC are Tafea FA champions.
Northern Region

Winners: Vaum FC (Luganville)   

Apparently Vaum FC beat both Sia Raga (Luganville) and Saint Paul from
Malampa after a penalty shoot-out

Grand Final [Nov 19, Port Vila]
Vaum FC                   drw       Tafea FC            [aet, Tafea on pen] 

Apco Coatings Cup

Final [Mar 26?]
Erakor Golden Star        1-0       Amical              [asdet]

Province of Origin Football Tournament 

NB: first ever edition; participants are provincial selections

Semifinals [Sep ?]
Malampa                   2-0       Penama
Tafea                     1-1       Shefa               [aet, 5-3 pen]

Fifth Place Playoff [Oct 29]
Torba                     1-0       Sanma

Third Place Playoff [Oct 29]
Penama                    3-1       Shefa

Final [Oct 29]
Tafea                     0-1       Malampa

Shefa/Laho Cup 2005

held on Emae, Shepherd Islands, Shefa Province, Dec 10-17]

NB: Annual club championship of the Shefa Football Association

Fifth Place: Naruru FC

Third Place Match
Sele United               2-0       Matakina FC

Pele FC                   1-0       Iwoka United        [adset]

Venue 2006: South Epi Island



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