Unione Sportiva Pro Vercelli - Short Historical Overview 1892-1960

Unione Sportiva Pro Vercelli
City: Vercelli Italy
Stadium: Silvio Piola, 6165 seats.
Colours: White shirt with the City's badge (red cross over white field)/

Current position: Italian Championship C2 Group A 2003-2004. Tremendous
        debts by the present administration have put the team on the brink
        of extinction. The Club has avoided Bankruptcy twice this year, and 
        could disappear if not sold and debt issues are not resolved by the 
        end of the season.

1892 - Birth of the SocietÓ Ginnastica (SG) Pro Vercelli founded by Prof.
       Domenico Luppi. It was a "Polisportiva" challenging in Gymnastics,
       Athletics and Fencing.

1903 August, 3rd.  Birth of the SG Pro Vercelli Sezione Calcio (Soccer's
     team) linked to the main Club officially on September, 20th by President

1904 September, 20th. During a Tournament in Casteggio (Pavia) the team wore
     the legendary white shirt (thereafter they was called the Whites -
     "Bianchi"). October, 29th: In a friendly match Vs. Audace Torino the Club
     played for the first time with the famous Wonders' Midfield Line: Ara,
     Milano I and Leone. All were rough players, but as Gymnasts very athletic
     and fit ones.

1905 Concorso Nazionale Straordinario (FGNI Tournament): Champion SG Pro
     Vercelli, second US Milanese.

1906 II Categoria FIF. The team played with "B" Reserve Formation of the main
     Italian teams. Eliminated in Preliminary Round. That Tournament was won
     by C&FC Milan B.

1907 II Categoria. SG Pro Vercelli Champion of II Categoria.

1908 After the FIF Reform (no foreign players admitted. Genoa, Milan, Torino,
     Firenze not admitted and, after, Juventus retired) the Pros were promoted
     to I Categoria FIF. Their B Team was still Champion of II Categoria.
     I Categoria FIF - SG Pro Vercelli CHAMPION with 6 pts.
     Vercelli 1.3.1908: SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Juventus 1 - 1.
     Scorers : Fresia (PV), ?? (J).
     Torino 8.3.1908: FBC Juventus - SG Pro Vercelli 0 - 2.
     Scorers : Rampini I (2) (PV).
     (Juventus withdrew from Tournament after that match).
     Vercelli 29.3.1908: SG Pro Vercelli - US Milanese 0 - 0
     Genua 5.4.1908: SG Andrea Doria - SG Pro Vercelli 1 - 2.
     Scorers : Ara, Rampini I (PV), ?? (D).
     Vercelli 26.4.1908: SG Pro Vercelli - SG Andrea Doria 1 - 1.
     Scorers : Milano II (PV), ?? (D).
     Milano 3.5.1908: US Milanese - SG Pro Vercelli 0 - 1. 
     Scorer : Visconti A.
     Formation : Innocenti (Sassi), Binaschi (Salvaneschi), Servetto (Caloria),
     Ara, Milano I, Leone, Milano II (Romussi), Bertinetti, Fresia, Visconti,
     Rampini I.

1909 I Categoria FIF - SG Pro Vercelli CHAMPION.
     Preliminary Group 3 (Piemonte)
     31/1/1909 SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Torino 2-0.
     Scorers: Fresia, Rampini I. Ref.: Knoote. 
     The match was cancelled for Referee's faults (1st half prolonged by 5
     minutes and 2nd half finished 4 minutes before end-time)
     7/2/1909: SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Torino 2-1. 
     Scorers: Visconti, Rampini I, Rodgers (T). Ref.: Meazza of Milano
     14/3/1909: FBC Torino - SG Pro Vercelli 0-1.
     Scorer: Rampini I. Ref.: Goodley.
     21/3/1909: SG Pro Vercelli - C&FC Genoa 3-2.
     Scorers: Visconti, Hug (Ge) (2), Milano II, Mischia. Ref.: Radice of Milano.
     28/3/1909: C&FC Genoa - SG Pro Vercelli 1-1. 
     Scorers: Hurni (Ge), Visconti. Ref.: Meazza of Milano.
     4/4/1909: SG Pro Vercelli - US Milanese 2-0. 
     Scorer: Visconti (2).
     28/4/1909: US Milanese - SG Pro Vercelli 2-2. 
     Scorers: Milano II, Rampini I, ??
     Formation: Innocenti, Binaschi, Servetto, Ara, Milano I, Leone, Milano II,
     Visconti A., Fresia (Mischia), Rampini I, Corna.

1909-10 I Categoria FIGC (in 1909 FIF changed to FIGC) - SG Pro Vercelli
        second after playoff.
        Classification: FBC Internazionale Milano and SG Pro Vercelli pts.25.
        1st Round 7.11.1909: SG Pro Vercelli - SG Andrea Doria 1 - 0 (1 - 0)
        2nd Round 14.11.1909: SG Pro Vercelli - C&FC Genoa 5 - 2 (1 - 1)
        3rd Round 21.11.1909: FBC Internazionale - SG Pro Vercelli 1 - 4
        4th Round 28.11.1909: FBC Ausonia Milano - SG Pro Vercelli 0 - 4
        5th Round 5.12.1909: US Milanese - SG Pro Vercelli 3 - 6
        6th Round 12.12.1909: Resting: Pro Vercelli
        7th Round 19.12.1909: SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Internazionale 1 - 2 (0 - 1)
        8th Round 2.1.1910: C&FC Milan - SG Pro Vercelli 0 - 3 (0 - 1)
        9th Round 9.1.1910: C&FC Genoa - SG Pro Vercelli 1 - 2 (0 - 0)
        10th Round 16.1.1910: SG Andrea Doria - SG Pro Vercelli 2 - 0
        11th Round 23.1.1910: SG Pro Vercelli - US Milanese 5 - 1
        12th Round 30.1.1910: FBC Juventus - SG Pro Vercelli 0 - 0
        13th Round 6.2.1910: FBC Torino - SG Pro Vercelli 2 - 4
        14th Round 13.2.1910: SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Torino 0 - 1
        15th Round 20.2.1910: SG Pro Vercelli - C&FC Milan 4 - 0 (2 - 0)
        16th Round 27.2.1910: SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Juventus 4 - 0
        17th Round 6.3.1930: SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Ausonia Milano 3 - 0
        Playoff Final:
        24/4/1910: FBC Internazionale Milano - SG Pro Vercelli 10-3. (Note:
        other sources list the final score as 11-3 or 9-3.) Pro Vercelli, not
        having goalkeeper Innocenti and players Fresia and Milano II (all in 
        the Military ranks engaged in an Army Tournament), asked for a new 
        date to play the playoff: on Mayday. FIGC refused and so Pro Vercelli
        fielded their youth B team into the decisive match. FIGC punished the
        Club with a severe disqualification period (until 31.12.1910 later reduced).

1910-11 I Categoria FIGC - CHAMPION
        Preliminary Group 1 (Liguria, Piemonte, Lombardia) winner with 27 pts.
        11/6/1911: SG Pro Vercelli - AC Vicenza  3-0
        18/6/1911: AC Vicenza - SG Pro Vercelli 1-2
        Formation: Innocenti, Binaschi, Valle, Ara, Milano I, Leone, Milano II,
        Berardo, Ferraro, Rampini I, Corna.

1911-12 I Categoria FIGC - CHAMPION
        Preliminary Group 1 (Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte) winner with 32 pts.
        28/4/1911: FBC Venezia - SG Pro Vercelli 0-6
        5/5/1911: SG Pro Vercelli - FBC Venezia 7-0
        Formation: Innocenti, Binaschi, Valle, Ara, Milano I, Leone, Milano II,
        Berardo, Ferraro, Rampini I, Corna.

1912-13 I Categoria FIGC - CHAMPION
        North League - Preliminary Group Piemonte: winner with 19 pts.
        North League Semifinals: winner with 18 pts.
        Final.  1/6/1912: SG Pro Vercelli - SP Lazio Roma  6-0
        Formation: Innocenti, Binaschi, Valle, Ara, Milano I, Leone, Milano II,
        Berardo, Ferraro, Rampini, Corna.

1913-14 I Categoria FIGC - Preliminary Group Piemonte third with 30 pts.

1914-15 I Categoria FIGC - Preliminary Group C North League winner with 17 pts.
        Semifinals Group C North League:  second with 8 pts. War stopped

1915-16 The Club changed its name into US Vercellese while most of Pro Vercelli's
        players where at War. In the Coppa Federale US Vercellese was second in
        the Group III with 4 pts.
        26/12/1915 US Valenzana - US Vercellese 1-1
          Scorers: Mattuteia (Ve) Marchese II (Va). Ref.: Massa of Torino.
        2/1/1916 US Vercellese - FBC Casale 2-3.
          Scorers: Ferraris (Ca) Mattuteia (Ve) Ferrarsi, Mattuteia (pen.),
          Mazzola II (Ca). Ref.: Grassi of Novara.
          The match was cancelled because Casale fielded only 10 players.
        16/1/1916 US Vercellese - US Valenzana 1-0
          Scorer: Archero. Ref.: Actis of Torino.
        23/1/1916 FBC Casale - US Vercellese 3-2
          Scorers: Rosso (Ve) Neri (Ca) Sarasso (Ca) pen., Tosi (Ve), Neri.
          Ref.: Actis of Torino.
        Rep. Match 6/2/1916 US Vercellese - FBC Casale 2-2
          Scorers: Ferraris (Ca) Mattuteia Mattea (Ca) Mattuteia. Ref.:
          Tacchini of Vercelli. Formation of US Vercellese: Barberis I,
          Zucchetti, Bossola, Vigone, Degara II, Perino, Weber, Tosi,
          Mattuteia, Rosso, Barberis II.

1916-19 War Stop

1919-20 I Categoria North League. Returned the SG Pro Vercelli.
        Preliminary Group A winner with 16 pts. North League Semifinals 
        Group A second with 14 pts.

1920-21 I Categoria North League. CHAMPION
        Preliminary Group B second with 13 pts. North League Semifinals
        Group D winner with 10 pts.
        Final in Torino 10/7/1921 SG Pro Vercelli - US Alessandria 4-0
        Final in Livorno 17/7/1921 SG Pro Vercelli - FC Bologna 2-1
        Championship Final (Formal) 
        in Torino 24/7/1921: SG Pro Vercelli - SC Pisa 2-1
        Formation: Curti, Rosetta, Bossola, Ara, Parodi, Perino, Ceria,
        Ardissone, Gay, Rampini II, Borello

1921-22 I Categoria North League CCI. CHAMPION
        Preliminary Group A: winner with 36 pts.
        CCI North League Finals:
         7/5/1922: SG Pro Vercelli - C&FC Genoa 0-0
        14/5/1922: C%FC Genoa - SG Pro Vercelli 1-2 
        CCI Final Round (Formal)
        11/6/1922: SS Fortitudo Roma - SG Pro Vercelli 0-3
        18/6/1922: SG Pro Vercelli - SS Fortitudo Roma 5-2
        Formation: Curti, Rosetta, Bossola, Milano IV, Parodi, Perino, Ceria,
                   Ardissone, Gay, Rampini II, Borello.
        On the other side (FIGC) played the former "B Team" of SG Pro Vercelli,
        the SocietÓ Sportiva Giovani Calciatori Cappuccini of Vercelli (Black
        shirt/black/black). The team placed 5th in the Preliminary FIGC Group
        Piemonte that meant a possible relegation in next season. (SSGC 
        Cappuccini, so called because played in a soccer's field at the 
        Cappuccini District of Vercelli, was born in 1920, after the War. In
        1920-21 played in II Categoria Group B Piemonte placing in the second 
        position in the Preliminary with 10 pts. and then arriving at the 
        second place in Finals with 6 pts. Promoted to I Categoria, in 1921-22
        did stay in FIGC ranks).
        In Summer 1922 SG Pro Vercelli merged with GC Cappuccini creating the
        Unione Sportiva Pro Vercelli (same old uniform).

1922-23 FIGC I Division North League Group A: US Pro Vercelli winner with 36
        North League Final Group: second with 3 pts.

1923-24 FIGC I Division North League Group B: third with 28 pts.

1924-25 FIGC I Division North League Group B: second with 32 pts.

1925-26 FIGC I Division North League Group B: 7th with 22 pts.

1926-27 FIGC Divisione Nazionale Group A: 5th with 20 pts.

1927-28 FIGC Divisione Nazionale Group A: 6th with 18 pts.

1928-29 FIGC Divisione Nazionale Group B: 5th with 38 pts.

1929-30 Serie A: 9th with 33 pts. October, 6th, it was the first round of the
        new Serie A Championship. In Vercelli Pros played Vs. Genoa and after
        three minutes from the kick-off Pro Vercelli's Bajardi I scored the
        first goal of Italian Serie A.
        January, 26th, 1930. In Pro Patria - US Pro Vercelli 1-0 appeared for 
        the first time the famous Topscorer Silvio Piola, White's Centerforward.
        In his long career scored 274 goals in Serie A and 30 for the National
        Team (today still the Italian Topscorer of all times).

1930-31 Serie A: 10th with 33 pts.

1931-32 Serie A: 13th with 27 pts.

1932-33 Serie A: 12th with 29 pts. In Group A of the I Division (third level
        of FIGC) the Pro Vercelli's B Team was second with 30 pts. The B Team
        withdrew in the next season for a Federal reform of Youth Championships.

1933-34 Serie A: 7th with 34 pts. Fascist Rulers helped President of SS Lazio,
        Mr. Eugenio Gualdi, to hire Silvio Piola who reached Rome in Autumn 1934.

1934-35 Serie A: 16th (last) with 15 pts. Without its Top-player Pro
        Vercelli went into the first relegation to Serie B.

1935-36 Serie B: 5th with 37 pts.

1936-37 Serie B: 10th with 28 pts. In the last match the Pros put in deep
        troubles ACF Catania reaching the Sicilians in final placement.
        Playoff Tournament: after the six regular matches all teams
        (AC Messina, ACF Catania, US Pro Vercelli and AC Venezia) had 6 pts.
        There were a Sudden Death Round:
        in Brescia US Pro Vercelli - AC Venezia 3-2 (Vercelli saved itself) 
        and ACF Catania - AC Messina 0-2 (Messina in Serie B); 
        after Venezia - Catania 4-0, ACF Catania relegated.

1937-38 Serie B: 11th with 32 pts.

1938-39 Serie B: 6th with 37 pts.

1939-40 Serie B: 9th with 34 pts.

1940-41 Serie B: 18th with 20 pts. Relegated to Serie C.

1941-42 Serie C Group D third with 40 pts.

1942-43 Serie C Group E second with 30 pts.

1943-44 Stop for the Second World War. Two teams of Vercelli played in the
        mixed group of Serie C and I Division. They were AC Vercelli and the 
        Gruppo Sportivo of 90th Corpo Vigili del Fuoco Vercelli (the Firemen
        Brigade's team). It was a nice year for the Firemen's Soccer Teams.
        Those of La Spezia won the Italian Championship of Northern Italy.

1944-45 Not Played due to Second World War.

1945-46 Serie B-C (mixed) North Italy Group A: third with 27 pts. Directly
        admitted to the Serie B for historical References.

1946-47 Serie B Group A, 8th with 42 pts.

1947-48 Serie B Group A, 13th with 31 pts. Admitted to the Serie C.

1948-49 Serie C Group A, 7th with 47 pts.

1949-50 Serie C Group A, 17th with 37 pts. The Club lost the playoff with
        FBC Luino but was readmitted for historical References.

1950-51 Serie C Group A, 14th with 34 pts

1951-52 Serie C Group A, 11th with 29 pts. Relegated to the IV Serie for the
        Tournaments Reform.

1952-53 IV Serie Group D, 7th place.

1953-54 IV Serie Group A, third with 36 pts.

1954-55 IV Serie Group A, winner with 48 pts. In the playoff lost the match
        with AC Vigevano.

1955-56 IV Serie Group A, second with 45 pts.

1956-57 IV Serie Group A winner with 48 pts. Won the playoff against DA
        Marzoli Palazzolo and was promoted to the Serie C.

1957-58 Serie C 5th with 38 pts.

1958-59 Serie C 7th with 42 pts.
1959-60 Serie C 7th with 35 pts.

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